Thursday, August 16, 2007

Even More Random Pictures

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More Random Pictures

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Summer Random Pictures

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Random Pictures

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The dog days of summer

Ely has had a great summer. At the beginning of May he went to both of my sisters graduation he did great. At the end of May we went to the beach. Ely loved the beach but did not enjoy the water as much. At the beginning of the week he was like those birds that run with the waves, but then he warmed up to it and would go in up to his ankles.

He also went camping with us and got to meet some wild ponies.

In June he went to puppy camp with another raiser for 2 weeks where he went to work everyday. He then was spoiled by my Sisters and Dad while I was in New York City on a choir tour.

As for the rest of the summer he has been sleeping a lot because it has been so hot. He likes to go out at the hottest time of the day take a sun nap.

He is such a good boy he had to go to the vet to check on his ear infection. The Dr. Brian came in looked at his ears and laid down and went to sleep. Dr.Brian says that he is one in a million lab puppy that will come in and be so calm, of course that make me so proud.

Ely has had a lot of friend come to visit this summer, as their puppy raisers have gone out of town. Ely also help me do 6 programs this summer for school age children about Guide dogs.