Saturday, February 26, 2011

One happy puppy!

Joe came home from puppy camp tonight and boy was he excited to be home! Ely was just as happy to see him. Joe got lots of new exposures while he was at camp which included fencing matches, concerts and going to work at a college for several days. While he was at work he got to meet 10 week old chickens; he didn’t care about them though. He got some great toddler exposures, too. Joe also got to be an only doggy, which was really good for him. I am happy that he was such a good boy for his counselors at camp (AKA Al’s raisers). They did an awesome job of taking great care of my little boy

Joe ran around the yard with Al for a little bit before Al headed home. Joe wouldn’t let me out of his sight, but followed me around the house and checked to make sure everything was the same. :) He tackled me with kisses and boy did I miss those kisses!

The first thing he did when he went in my room was get his new valentine’s day toy out of his crate and headed for Ely’s bed. He is now passed out asleep beside me and Ely - dreaming away! I certainly missed my little Joe Joe! I know his fan club at church tomorrow will love seeing him, especially his kid friends!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mr. Rudy has been in our house for a little over a week and he seems to enjoy being here. He loves our big backyard where he can run and get some energy out and also all the friends that he has made. For the most part he leaves Ely alone, though the past day or so he has been trying to sneak onto Ely’s bed when Ely is not watching. :-)

I have discovered several things that Rudy needs some work on (which is one of the reasons why puppy camp is important). According to Rudy, there are lots of things to pay attention to on our neighborhood walk. Of course I can’t blame him, between barking dogs, people walking, kids out playing, traffic, sirens, airplanes, other dogs walking, and of course squirrels and some very brave birds who walk right out in front of you on the sidewalk, it is a little overwhelming if you are not used to it. Rudy has gotten better, but we still have some work to do this coming week.

Rudy went to lunch with one of my friends (who is a former raiser) on Saturday. Someone had a little bit of problem going in and out, but once we were at the table, he laid down and went to sleep (though he said we sat there too long because he was ready to go after an hour and a half)

At church yesterday, Rudy started out in kids church, but once I realized that I had a huge boat load of some high energy first graders coming my way, Rudy went and joined the host team for the first part of the morning. He then went and slept through some really loud music and a sermon in church. He seemed to like the nice cold concrete floor in church. He then went out to lunch with my family and some friends. Apparently having that busy of a morning wears you out, because he came home and slept all afternoon!

He seems to have grown an extra inch or so in his legs since he came! Rudy is certainly a snuggly goldador! He likes to be right beside you or better yet touching you! And he adores having his chin and neck rubbed.