Friday, August 28, 2009


The Friday night (August 7, 2009) while we were in FL for Sherman’s puppy raiser day, we went out to dinner with another puppy raiser family from Florida. All of the pups did great! After we ate we went to drop the boys off at their house. Rocky and Eve hit it off and were so cute playing together. Eve had a good 30-40 lbs on Rocky, but Rocky was quick playing keep away when he got the toy. Ely was very happy to be there also and had on his happy ears. We thought that Rocky and Ely would have a lot more fun spending the night and play then to go and sit around. It was also a lot easier leaving the hotel Saturday morning without getting 2 doggies ready too. Rocky didn’t even say good bye when we left, he was having too much fun! Ely would have gone with us, but he was happy to stay too. We picked them up Saturday afternoon after puppy raiser day and they both got a good report. As soon as we got in the car Rocky was out. He slept the entire 3 hour drive to the hotel we were staying at and then some more once we got there while my family went to the beach. *Pictures provided by Meagan, Eve’s puppy raiser*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am a little late posting this, but better late than never. On Friday morning (August 7, 2009) we got up before the sun to head 3 hours southwest to Palmetto, FL to Southeastern Guide Dogs. We got to hug and play with adorable baby puppies. We found out that a puppy that was in our group who made it as a breeder had her second litter of puppies. There were only three left and they were big puppies. They looked like Colt and Ely when they were babies. I checked on the website and found out that they were half brothers to the new babies. They are going to be very good puppies! Rocky in front of the SEGDI rock
one of the adorable chocolate labs
I was holding one of Princess Gabby’s puppies! He walk right up into my lap. My sister was holding an Ashley puppy.
Two of the 4 week old vizslas
An adorable little yellow lab puppy! I would have puppy-napped all the puppies if I could, but I don’t think their future puppy raisers would have been too happy with me.
After we got done with the babies we headed over to the main training kennel to see about walking some doggies. There were no more dogs to walk, but some dogs that could be brushed. I requested one of Sherman’s brothers. I was given Buttons. Buttons is a big boy like Sherman, and was sweet. After some pictures and a good brushing, I turned Buttons back in and headed over to the gift shop to get some SEGD gear. Poor Rocky was completely worn out by then (he went for a walk with my dad while we played with the other puppies).
Buttons, Sherman's brother. Friday afternoon was filled with shopping and a nap when he could get it for Rocky.
A very tired Rocky

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little swimmer

For our puppy meeting yesterday we had a puppy pool party. We got there and Rocky went to say hi to the other dogs and decided he could walk on water. Let’s just say he found out that he couldn’t. He did find out that he could swim though! All the pups got there and most of them had taken a shot at the water. We then did some obedience around the pool and then each got a private swimming lesson. Rocky did great! He did the doggy roll in the pool once and then he would just stop swimming and float. He was very comfortable in the water! When their swimming lesson was over they got to play which they all loved. Rocky walked in the door once we got home and curled up and went to sleep. He slept all afternoon till I finally had to wake him up to give him a bath. He then went back to sleep.
The siblings playing
Spike, Rocky’s brother taking a shot at the water
Rocky on the way home

Happy Birthday Sherman

I am a little late, but I was on my way to puppy raiser day on Sherman’s birthday. So without further delay….

Happy 2nd birthday to the sweet, loving, new guide dog, Sherman!

Sherman on his 1st birthday
Richard (Sherman’s partner) told me that they threw a birthday party for Sherman. They had a cake with 2 candles and ice cream. I just know that Sherman enjoyed the extra attention!
Also a happy birthday to Simon, Beau, Buttons and Patriot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A trip to the tallest lighthouse in Florida and more beach time

A very tired puppy It was a long way up! Rocky and I outside the lighthouse Mid-morning Thursday we went to the tallest light house in Florida, the Ponce Inlet lighthouse. There were several buildings that were originally the houses of the caretakers, but are now turned into museums. It was really hot out, so Rocky enjoyed sprawling out on the wood floors in the buildings. Rocky decided to leave a part of himself in one of the historical buildings. I just happened to look at his mouth when he was yawning and saw where he had lost a tooth recently. It was his last tiny front tooth. They boys stayed with my dad since I didn’t think it was a good idea for Rocky to go up the 204 steps to the top. They were steep and open and would have been easy for a puppy paw to fall through. I think he was much happier sitting on one of the porches of the buildings. A few minutes after we got down from the lighthouse, it started to pour down rain. Rocky and I got to walk through the rain to get back to the gift shop and to the rest of my family. Rocky looks pretty pitiful when he gets wet.
Inside during the rain
We grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the hotel to hang out and go to the beach. They enjoyed their walk and I got some great pictures of them.
"I can't see you!"
Rocky playing in the sand
Ely enjoying the beach

The great ride south and a trip to the beach

One very happy puppy! On Wednesday, we loaded up the car and headed south for Sherman’s puppy raiser day. This was Rocky’s first long road trip with us and he did fabulously. Both Ely and Rocky slept the entire 9 hour drive down to Daytona Beach. I didn’t think I was very good at remembering, but I think I remembered every stop we had made over the past years since I started raising. The ride down went by relatively fast. We got to the hotel about 12:15 Thursday morning and Rocky was ready to play. I took the boys down to the beach while the car was getting unloaded and they enjoyed walking around by the light of the full moon. Rocky was not very happy about having to go back to sleep.
I LOVE Rocky's face!
Much better
We got up around 6:30 Thursday morning and took the boys for a walk on the beach. Rocky LOVED the beach. Ely is always so happy when we go to the beach; he puts on his really happy face. Rocky was not sure about the ocean to begin with, but soon warmed up to it and enjoyed walking in the water. He was quit tired by the time we got back and slept under the table while we ate breakfast.
Rocky testing out the water
The boys on the beach
Having fun in the ocean
"What is this stuff?"