Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joe update!

First off ‘Happy 15th month Birthday’ to Joe, Oko, Woody, Mario, Lexie, Snap, Charlie S, and CW! Hard to believe that Joe has only been gone 3 ½ weeks… it seems like so much longer!
I got an e-mail yesterday morning saying that Joe passed his physical, elbow and hip x-rays and will continue on into the training program! He should have started working with his trainer this week as well! I was told that Joe’s trainer had already picked him out even before he made it onto campus so hopefully Joe has shown her just how smart he is.
It is amazing what Joe has already learned! He borrowed one of his new friend’s phones and sent me a sweet note and even included a picture of himself chilling out in college. Such a smart guy, though a BIG thanks to Ashley for helping him! 

Also thanks to fellow puppy raiser Amanda for getting some pictures of Joe when she was at puppy raiser day for her puppy!
Joe has already made me proud and I know he will do great in whatever he decides to do!

Good luck to the Guide Dog U freshmen class of July 2011! I loved how all the puppies are coming in at one time, because you get to meet the awesome puppies that your pup will hang out with and their wonderful puppy raisers!