Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puppy Camp

Last week was the end to puppy camp for Rocky and Spike. I had the Spike-a-roo for 2 weeks. He was the best puppy camp puppy that we have had. Rocky and Spike have some of the same characteristics and Spike also reminded me a lot of Sherman. Back in March when I was given the option between a male or female, black or yellow puppy from the B09 litter, I knew that I wanted a male, just couldn’t make up my mind between a yellow or a black boy. I finally decided on the yellow to follow my pattern of yellow black yellow black. Spike was the black boy, so it was fun to have him for two weeks. I also decided it was probably a good thing that I picked Rocky, Spike would have never been called Spike, he would have been called Sherman (since my mom called him that the entire two weeks we had him.) [Spike, black lab from the chest up, sitting in the sun with fence and green bushes and grass behind him, he is wearing an orange striped collar, and is looking at the camera] Rocky enjoyed being an only dog for 2 weeks and got lots of loving by his puppy camp mom. I saw Rocky once during camp at church and he was quite happy to be with Spike’s mom. Spike was able to go to school with my mom and to class with me. Spike has very good house manners and was very sweet. I was sick with a bad cold the 2nd week we had him and he would not leave my side. [Ely, yellow lab laying on his round white bed with Spike, black lab laying in front on his brown square bed, both are looking at the camera] I really enjoyed Spike’s time with us, the only thing he wanted me to tell his puppy raiser was that he wanted a little brother or sister. But there is a cute little 9 week old puppy in training named Sparky living just around the corner now so maybe that will help.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

8 months old!

[Rocky from the chest up wearing a red snowflake bandana looking to the side with a field in the back ground]

I can’t believe Rocky turned 8 months old on Friday! I can’t believe I have had him for 6 months already! He has grown up so much in the past month and is so comfortable with anything he gets exposed to. He is now up to 65.8 lbs. and still growing! What I really don’t understand is that there is just a 10 lb difference between Rocky and Ely. Rocky is just good about hiding his weight! I don’t believe that Rocky realizes that he is quite so big, he still tries to get through places that he went when he was little; granted he makes it, just takes a little bit more maneuvering.

[Rocky sitting in field wearing his blue puppy in training coat]

8 things about Rocky on his 8 month birthday

1) Rocky is the only dog I know who enjoys loud noises; most dogs move away from loud noises, but Rocky seems to enjoy them. He especially loves the hairdryer and the vacuum cleaner.

2) He loves to be under stuff. When he goes to class with me he loves to be right under my chair.

3) He is great on leash walking right where he is supposed to be.

4) Rocky has a great memory, if he gets corrected for something, he normally won’t do it again. He is also great at figuring out stuff. (Like how to open doors that aren’t latched.) He is one smart boy!

5) He is a snugger, I love snuggles! Rocky loves to snuggle up next to Ely.

6) He is a very laid back pup; when he was little he was a rock on the end of the leash, he is no longer that, but people can’t believe he is a 8 month old lab, since he is so calm.

7) He loves to go places, doesn’t matter where it is. I know he will do great in any situation.

8) He is a famous pup! He is on a greeting card. Not just any greeting card, but a singing greeting card! (I just can’t let it go to his head that he is now famous.)

[Rocky chewing on his bone with his greeting card in front of him]

[Rocky’s greeting card- Rocky with his front paws hanging out of the car with his head resting on the car (the car is red, it was originally a white car)]


[Rocky asleep on the floor during thanksgiving lunch]

Happy late Thanksgiving! Rocky and Ely enjoyed their Thanksgiving hanging out in the woods in the country at my grandparents house. In honor of Rocky, I found a very yummy recipe for Rocky Road pie that I made. Rocky and Ely got to meet some family dogs and went for a long walk. Rocky enjoyed hanging out in the country with his favorite people and his favorite role model, Ely.

[Rocky and I with the finished Rocky Road pie]

Rocky and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I, for one, am very thankful to be able to raise such sweet puppies for such a great cause. I am also thankful for my family and the best pet dog in the world, Ely.

[Rocky sitting with an open field behind him just before sunset on Thanksgiving day]

Monday, November 9, 2009

The N7 boys

Here is a little update about the N7 boys! They were some smart little guys and all went through training really fast! This litter had a 80% success rate of being guide dogs, and the 20% couldn’t really help it, since it was medical.

Sherman graduated in August as a guide dog

Buttons graduated in September as a guide dog.

Simon was career changed due to health issues.

Patriot graduated in either September or October as a guide dog.

Beau graduated in October as a guide dog.

It is amazing to think that 5 little puppies could change 5 people’s lives forever! I know that whoever got these boys, whether as guides or pets, are blessed to get such sweet dogs to tackle the world together!

*Pictures taken by SEGDI when the puppies were around 6 weeks old*