Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introducing. . .

JOE! So I meant to post this past weekend, however time slipped away way too quickly! So Joe has been in my house for 72 hours and I am totally in love with him. Okay so I was in love with him before I even picked him up; it was truly love at first sight!

On Saturday night we headed over to one of the raisers who went down to pick the pups up. We got there about 7:15 and Joe came walking up the path to me. I picked him up and was given a bath; he is quite the little kisser. He was going all over the yard with his brother, Charlie and his sister Lexie. Joe is a very brave guy and wonders around without a care in the world. After I signed all of his forms, we were ready to go. On the way home, we stopped for a quick dinner at Red Robin, he was certainly a hit! He did really well. He then came home to meet Ely. Ely came and sniffed him and then ran back inside and stayed clear of him the rest of the night. Next up for the night was a bath, he had a not so pleasant odor to him from living and being chewed on by his sibs. He almost fell asleep in the tub during his bath! He took a little nap wrapped up in his towel to dry. I put Joe to bed around 12 and he was not a big fan of being in a crate by himself, after a few minutes he calmed down and went to sleep. He woke up at 3:15 to go busy and then had a hard time settling back down, but eventually went back to sleep. We were up around 6:15, which was fine, since we had church. Sunday morning he headed off to church for the first time, he got a ton of attention from young and old. He slept through 2 services of kids church only looking up when they got really really loud. Between the two services he went out in the lobby area and chilled out on the concrete floor. He was sprawled out asleep when a toddler came up and lay down beside Joe on the floor. It was so cute! After church we headed over to my grandparents house for lunch where Joe slept some more, after getting lunch of course. He is quite the little chow hound! We then headed home where Joe got his first visitors! Spike’s (Rocky’s brother) raisers came to see Joe. Joe made sure to be extra cute, which was not very hard for him to do. :) He spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping and then got introduced to the kiddy pool out back; he just walked from one side to the other and then got out. Joe went to bed around 11:30 and slept through the night! Ely woke Joe up a little after 6, (Ely is good about waking the baby pups up so that he gets breakfast earlier!) which was fine with me since I had to go to work. Monday I left for work at 8:15, so Joe got to stay with my mom. He slept all morning and grew! I got home a little before 1, Joe was so happy to see me! He ate his lunch while wagging his tail. We headed to the vet at 2:30 for Joe to meet Dr. Brian and to get his first flu shot. All the receptionists and vet techs were in love with him! There are 6 vets at the vet we go to, but Dr. Brian is the one that we go to the most. He has seen all of my pups, and the first thing he told Joe was to be nice to the old guy at home (i.e. Ely). Dr. Brian said that if he could get a lab that is as calm as all of my pups have been that he would get one in a heartbeat, but he sees way too many labs that are crazy! The receptionist got a heads up to be on the lookout for Lexie, who looks just like Joe just on a smaller scale and Charlie is the same color as his mom, white. They love all of the southeastern pups that come in; they have treated over 85 Southeastern pups over the years. After the vet we headed to a shoe store, and then made a stop at one of SEGD’s board members and raisers office for her to meet Joe. I think Joe would love to go to work with her every day! He got lots of attention and got to play with a golden named Murphy and 2 girl dogs named Sadie. Joe says that Murphy was the most fun to play with! After getting lots of love we headed to Costco to meet all of Rocky and Sherman’s friends. They adored Joe! Joe slept on his blanket in the cart since he is way too heavy to carry at 20 lbs and there was no way he was going to walk. After his nap and a car ride home then dinner, he headed to Super Target to pick up my mom’s glasses. He did so well! On the way home we stopped by Duchess (Rocky’s sister) raisers house for them to meet Joe, they loved him. It was good catching up with them. He slept through the night again and would have slept longer but my alarm went off and woke him up.

Yesterday he went to school with my mom. (They are getting ready for the school year) He went in and passed out on the floor and slept all morning. I went to pick him up after I got off work and he was passed out asleep. He likes to be under your feet while in the car, which is not the best location to be when you are driving. He was on a short tie down so he had to stay on his side of the car, but he tried to be near me. In the afternoon, my sister and her boyfriend came over to meet him and to have dinner. He was so good with all the people!

Joe is such a snuggly little guy, he loves to be held and to touch you. He is awesome about sitting when he wants to be petted, at all doors, and when you put his coat on. In the past 75 hours he has not had an accident! He has picked up ringing the bell when he needs to go busy and is so smart! He can figure out stuff so quickly and has a great memory! (A BIG thanks to all the puppy socializers and puppy huggers at school!)

It is so much fun to see the same traits that Colt and Ely had as puppies. I am so glad I got the little Jojo and can’t wait for the year ahead!

Joe goes to his first meeting on Thursday night!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Name Update, College Boys

The Coltster turned 5 years old today! I hope he had a fabulous birthday with his owner, and that they get to celebrate many more birthdays together!

Colt was a joy to raise! He has a great personality and always loved to work.

A happy birthday to Colt, Tina and all the rest of the S5 litter!

In honor of Colt and Tina’s birthday, I will tell you guys the name of the new little guy that will become my sidekick for the next year in only a week and a half! Are you ready?!?!

His name is JOE!

I love it! I can’t wait to meet the little guy! If you guys check out Southeastern’s puppy cam, they have been on it. It is the Tina and Jack litter. He is one of the black and tan pups.

Joining Joe in our group is his sister Lexie, who is also a black and tan and his brother Charlie S, who is yellow. He will also have some siblings in a nearby group.

Now onto my college boys! I got their July report cards the other day and they are doing great! I am so proud of my boys! I am glad that they are giving their best while they study for their new jobs! One of the raisers in our group checked on all of my boys while they were down there for puppy raiser day on Saturday. They all looked great, and I got pictures of my boys!

Keep up the excellent work boys! Hope to see you guys in the next few months!