Saturday, June 20, 2009

College Picture

I got a picture of Sherman in harness this week. When I opened the envelope and saw that picture it I could not help but smile. I could not get over how grown up he looks and how big he is. I loved how his ear was turned differently; he always did have expressive ears. He looks so happy and doesn’t seem to be partying too much at college. I still can’t believe that he has been gone for 9 weeks.
When I look at that picture of Sherman in harness, I can’t help but be super proud of him for making it this far in training. Hopefully he will continue on the course to be a great guide dog but if he decides he doesn’t want to be a guide dog I know that he will be great in any job that he is placed in.
As much as I love to look at pictures of Sherman, I can’t look at them too long right now because they somehow become blurry:) They remind me just how special Sherman was to me. Granted all of my puppies have been special in their own way and they each have a special place in my heart. Sherman was just the first of my puppies to truly be a mama’s boy. (The first three were more independent) Sherman always knew how to make me smile. He helped me through my final year in High school and was by my side my first year of College. Somehow it is a lot more fun and easier to take a dog to class with you then trying to go through it alone. You also get to be good friends with the teachers (which can’t hurt anything).
Sherman was special puppy that not only had an impact on my life, but on everyone who met him.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Rocky

I got a beautiful picture of Rocky that was taken when he was 6 weeks old in the mail last week. He looks adorable! It is hard to believe that they are ever that small, they grow up so fast.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Two weeks ago, May 30, I picked up puppy number 5 to start training to be a guide dog. We were the first ones there and all the puppies where playing under a shady tree when we got there. They were all so cute and none of them looked alike.
I got handed a big old cream color yellow lab named Rocky. I love his name, it was already on my list of names that I was thinking about when I sponsored Ely.
Our group got the whole litter of puppies. There is....
Rocky- male yellow lab
Spike- male black lab, who Rocky will get to play and see a lot! Rocky will be staying with his raiser one day during the week for the fall semester, since I have a super long day. He also will be going to the same church that Rocky will be going to.
Duchess- female black lab, who lives on the street behind us, so he will also get to see her a lot!
Cassidy- female yellow lab
Toby- male yellow lab
Rocky and Spike were extremely happy just laying in the nice cold dirt in the shade while the rest of the puppies wanted to play. I got to be the first to fill out all the paper work and got his information and tiny little puppy coat. Rocky was named by a man in Florida who named him after his dog. We stayed for a little over an hour and took lots of pictures!
Once we got home Ely came out to see who we brought home. Both Ely and Rocky didn’t want anything to do with the other one, which was probably a good thing since Ely can’t be too active since he is still on bed rest and limited activity. Rocky enjoyed exploring the house and yard and he sniffed all the toys. His favorite part was eating dinner. His first night he only had to get up twice, which I was happy with. He didn’t need to go busy, I think he was just lonely.
Rocky in the dirt Rocky and his brothers and sisters Rocky and Ely's first meeting
Spike , Rocky, Cassidy, Toby, and Duchess
Rocky's first meal