Monday, February 15, 2010

More Fun in the snow!

Friday afternoon it started snowing and boy did it come down. By Saturday morning we had between 3-4 inches of snow, which is very unusual for where we live! As compared to the last snow/ sleet that we got a few weeks ago, this snow was nice and fluffy. Rocky was so excited to see all the white stuff back.

[Rocky and I in the snow Friday night]

[Ely, Rocky and I in the snow Friday night]

[Rocky found some warm gloves to snuggle up with after playing in the snow Friday night]

The snow started around 4:00 Friday afternoon, it was not sticking, but it was coming down fast. An hour later we had a good ¼ inch. We made a quick run to the store and by the time we got back, had about 2 inches. We took the boys for a walk in the snow and they loved it! Once we came back we played in the backyard for awhile. Rocky, I think, enjoyed kicking up snow when he went charging after his toys. The only problem with playing outside in the snow at night is that it is very easy to lose toys. We lost a kong and wubba Friday night. Once I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore we headed inside to watch the move Up.

It was a really cute movie. Ely and Rocky would like to have the collars that the dogs in the movie had that translated their barking into English. Rocky watched part of the movie also.

[Rocky standing in the snow Saturday morning looking to right, in the background are trees]

[Rocky bring his red kong back in the snow Saturday]

Saturday morning we got up to a winter wonderland. My mom let Rocky out and she said he got so excited when he saw that the white stuff was still there. It took some encouragement to get Rocky to go busy because he wanted to play in the snow instead of eating breakfast. After they ate, we headed back out where I found the lost toys from Friday night. We played for a while; Rocky attempted to build a snowman on top of his wubba and then would eat it. (the snow, not the wubba) I then lost two more kongs in the snow so we headed back inside. Most of the snow that was in the sun in the afternoon disappeared, but we still have some slush in our yard in the shade.

[Rocky’s attempt of a snowman on his wubba]

[Rocky standing in the snow leaning slightly to the left]

I think Rocky and Ely enjoy walking on the snow since it makes some cool noises. There was a chance of more snow last night, but all we got was cold rain. I am starting to miss the warmer weather. Hopefully it will be all nice and warm in Florida when I am down there for Southeastern's walkathon in less than 2 weeks!

[Rocky sitting in the snow looking to the left]

[Close up of Rocky’s face with snow on it]

[Rocky thinking he is a German shepherd in the snow]

[Ely standing in the snow]

[Rocky laying down in the snow]

[close up of Ely with snow on his face]

[lots of puppy paw prints in the snow]

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast in the snow,
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