Friday, August 27, 2010

My little Joe is growing up

Joe went to the vet on Tuesday to get his 2nd flu shot. Apparently the flu shot stings a little, because Joe let everyone in the vet know what was happening. Let’s just say it reminded me of the scene in Finding Nemo where the fish jumps out of the tank, lands on the little girl’s head, she starts screaming and the poor little kids in the waiting room have that scared to death look on their faces. The poor doggies in the waiting room probably gave the “what are they doing to him” look to their people.

We finally found out what was causing his tummy problems, so he got another shot for that. Thankfully he didn’t make quite the commotion as he did the first time around.

Last Saturday, Joe’s sister Lexie came over for a play date. They both had a lot of fun playing with each other and wearing each other out. They are both black and tan so seeing them walk around together was so cute! Joe slept well for at least a few hours before he was recharged and was ready to go.

Joe is so good about entertaining himself. He is really good about chewing only on his toys and he LOVES his baby blanket with his siblings smell on it. (Good thing his legs are growing, he trips over it when carries the blanket around the house.)

So my baby Joe hit a milestone this afternoon; he lost his first tooth! It was one of his front bottom teeth that are so tiny. It is either out in the yard somewhere or he ate it. I just went to take a picture of his mouth and found out he lost his other front bottom tooth too! I guess the tooth fairy will have to bring two treats for him. Ely says that he will be happy when he loses the rest of them as he is not big on piercings.

Last night Joe went to his 4th puppy kindergarten class; he did great! All but 2 of the puppies in our group were there, so it was a fun group! Joe only has 2 more classes before he graduates his first obedience class. Is it just me or is he growing up way too fast! There was actually a very special guest for Joe and his siblings. It was their mom, Tina! They didn’t seem to care too much about her and just saw her as another big dog that they could try to get to play with them. They were actually more interested in seeing each their other - they kind of ignored her.

In lest then two weeks, Joe will be making his d├ębut at college with me. I think one of my teachers is counting down the days till Joe comes and the wonderful ladies in Student life are ready to give him lots of attention.

I think I have come to the conclusion that Ely is like that old uncle who does not like young kids. I think they will be best friends once Joe gets a little older. One of Joe’s favorite things to do is to snuggle up next to Ely and take a nap. But he has to do it when Ely is asleep, otherwise Ely moves!

I am still trying to find the person who has been sneaking Joe fertilizer, because man is he getting big! He was 31 lbs on Monday and is still growing. I guess he has been sleeping in it. (Sneaky fertilizer, that is!)

Joe gets to go be a model tomorrow for a photography class. He is a pretty photogenic, so they should be able to get some good practice.


  1. Joe is just amazingly cute! I'd heard of black and tan labs, and seen an adult one, but never a puppy! Sounds like he's off to a great start. :-)

  2. Joe DOES look like a shepherd! He is so adorable. It's nice to hear that your college is supportive and excited about you bringing Joe to classes with you. Can't wait to see the photo shoot output!


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