Monday, January 23, 2012

Exciting news about Joe!

In the past 20 months, Joe has gone from an adorable little tiny puppy to a handsome grown up confident dog. He has overcome everything that has stood in his way of doing what he was born to do. He spent 364 days with me as my little shadow and buddy, building his confidence (which was pretty easy because he was already very confident) and being exposed to all the sights and sounds of this strange new world.
Joe playing with a toy in the puppy kennel
Joe and his siblings in a basket,  Joe is the one in front!
In that short year he made a lot of new friends (pretty much everyone he met, that boy never met a stranger!) and left his mark on the world around him. All too soon, our time together came to an end; 6 months ago he started on a new chapter and a new adventure in his life. Though I was sad to see him go I knew he had great things in store for his life. 
Joe and I in St. Augustine on the way to Guide Dog U
Joe and I at the beach a day before he went IFT
Tuesday I found out that Joe started yet another adventure in his short life! Joe was matched in the January class and I could not be more proud of my little buddy! 
Joe in a sit stay wearing his puppy coat looking at the camera with a big smile
I got Joe’s report card for December shortly after I got the news about him being in class and I love what his trainer wrote because it just shows that Joe has not changed one bit, he is still the sweet boy that I have always loved. 

COMMENTS: Joe is my buddy. He is Mr. popular in the kennel and knows it. :) He is doing well in training and always has his tail up and happy. I look forward to his future and have enjoyed every second with him. 

I cannot wait to meet Joe’s special person and see Joe all grown up at puppy raiser day on Saturday! Joe was an extreme blessing to raise and I loved every second of our year together, he could always brighten your day and make you smile. I can’t wait to tell Joe’s new partner all about the fun we had in our time together!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped Joe get to this point in his life! He is one special puppy to have such an amazing fan club!


  1. I was touring SEGD as I am going to puppy raise, and I met your sweet Joe. He was so well mannered and very loving! You did an amazing job with him!


Thanks for the comment!
Rebecca and Joe