Friday, May 29, 2009

An Ely Update

I was babysitting Tuesday night two weeks agot and I got a call from my dad saying that they were taking Ely to the emergency vet. I was a bit in shock. Apparently he was doing his laps around the yard that he does every day or so and he took a different turn that was sharper than where he normally goes and went down and came up yelping . It was probably a good thing that I was not there because I was a wreck when he was playing and landed on his front ankle wrong and twisted it. I never want to hear a dog make that sound again, especially one of my puppies. It is the worst sound to hear. Anyways, my dad thought he broke it and so my mom had called our vet this was around 8:30 Tuesday night and so the vet on call called her back and said to give him some aspirin and keep him still and bring him in in the morning. My dad opted to take him to the emergency vet instead which is only about 5 minutes from our house. The parents of the kid I was watching were on their way home so I told my dad to wait and I would go with him. When I got home, Ely was trying to get around without using his leg. We took him to the vet and the vet came in and said that we had a little football player on our hands and that he had blown out his knee. She explained about the two surgeries to fix it and told us it would 3 weeks till they could fit him in. My mom called our vet the next morning and they told her about a newer, better surgery that would fix it a TTA. The orthopedic vet (who is one of our favorite vets) was on vacation that week so we scheduled it for Wednesday. Let's just say it was a hard long week. Ely was not happy about not getting to eat anything Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before heading to the vet. We got a call from Dr. Brian, the vet who did the surgery and he said everything went great and that Ely had done a good job at tearing his knee up. We went to pick him up Thursday afternoon and Dr. Brian told us in detail all that he did which kind of grossed me out a little. I can only handle so much details of cutting bones and putting stuff in. The vet did say that he did two TTA that day and that Ely was a bit more of a mama’s boy and needed more pain meds, but that is just my Ely. Ely got sent home with a ton of medicine and was out of it. He had a lot of swelling because his bone was bleeding that took a few days to go down. He has started to get back to his normal self and has started putting more weight on his leg now. Hopefully he will make a quick recovery and that he won’t blow out the other knee since there is a 50% chance of him doing that. Before


  1. Oh goodness! Poor Ely! I hope he feels better soon!

  2. I hope Ely feels better soon. I know how awful the feeling is when you find out one of your dogs has been hurt. At least now he is on his way to happy healthy recovery.


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