Friday, May 29, 2009

The Past Month without a Puppy in Training

Well I have been horrible about posting this last month, so I will give you a recap of what has happened. The two weeks after Sherman left to embark on a new chapter of his life, were filled with final projects and exams for me. Poor Ely looked all over the house for Sherman and could not find him. He even looked in the bath tub. He was kind of mopey for a few days and then he has since enjoyed being the only dog. I got a call from the couple who took Sherman back to the school for me and they fell in love with him in less than 24 hours. They had put Sherman in the crate to sleep, which was in the other room and went to bed. Apparently Sherman barked just once and then would be quite and bark again. After the second time, they got up and brought Sherman in their room and he curled up next to the bed and went to sleep. That’s my Sherman, he always loved being with people. He had always slept right across the room from me and he could always keep an eye on me. They left early Saturday morning and they said that he either laid down and slept or looked quietly out the window watching the world go by. When they stopped, Sherman drank his water and went busy (sometimes I think Sherman went busy to make me happy) and behaved himself and was a sweet puppy. They got to the school around 2:45 Saturday afternoon and they said that when the trainer came to get him that he wagged his tail and went happily with her. They had a hard time giving him up and could not imagine having him longer and giving him up. They got to see the true Sherman, something that he was never afraid to share. On my 3 day summer break; before summer classes start I put together a puppy shower for the raisers who would be getting a puppy the end of May. I think I covered everything, but I was a little scattered brain since a trip to the emergency vet two days earlier had left me with other things to deal with. But for the most part it went really well. We played games, had a adorable 9 week old black lab puppy do demonstrations of how to teach basic commands, and covered a lot of information and guidelines.

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