Saturday, October 17, 2009

A fun filled Fall day

We started the day today bright and early; we first headed down to my old school for a fall festival. It was kind of a wet, cold day so there were not very many people to begin with, however that quickly changed. There was one little girl who was just beginning to walk who was fascinated with Rocky’s nose. Rocky was such a good boy and let this little girl poke him in the nose. There was a ton of temptations for the Rock: food, kids, balls and bean bags, and marshmallows everywhere thanks to marshmallow guns. If I had set up a booth with a sign saying “pet the adorable puppy for just 25 cents”, I would be rich! I got to teach a ton of kids that you always need to ask before you pet any dog especially a working dog.

One of my little first graders that I teach on Sunday mornings, was there and came running up and wanted to pet Rocky. We have not been able to be at our normal service for the past two weeks due to my rock climbing class. Let’s just say if all of the kids tomorrow are like this little boy, Rocky should feel very well loved!

We left the festival early to go to our puppy meeting. We stopped to check on Ely and to let him out. We found that Mr. Ely had not been such a good boy while we were gone. He got into some trash and made confetti of it. Ely had a small staph infection on his skin so he got a cortisone shot on Thursday which always makes him really thirsty and hungry. Hopefully this won’t last much longer, but at least he is feeling better.

We then headed to puppy meeting. We had a very special guest at our meeting; a fabulously renowned trainer from SEGDI led our class today. It was one of the best obedience classes I have participated in. I learned so much and got a lot of helpful hints on how the trainers teach and work with the dogs. It was a GREAT meeting!

On the way home Rocky crashed (curled into a ‘tiny’ ball) and he has been asleep ever since he ate his dinner.

(sorry for the lack of picture, I will do better next time!)

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  1. It does sound like a full day. That is so cool about the trainer coming to your meeting!


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