Saturday, October 10, 2009

A not so fun trip to the vet

I have had a crazy busy week, so this is coming a little late. Last week we got approved to have Rocky’s two baby teeth, which he was holding onto, pulled. We had been hoping they would fall out on their own, but then they started getting really irritated and he didn’t want anyone to look at his mouth. On Wednesday he was playing with one of his friends and somehow broke one of the teeth at the gum line. I had called the vet and had already scheduled his appointment for Thursday. He could not have any food after 6 pm on Wednesday night, so he enjoyed an ice cube for his good night treat.

On Thursday morning we got up early, since he had to be at the vet between 7 and 8. He was not too happy about not getting to eat breakfast. There were quite a few other dogs being dropped off and they were all not happy at all. Rocky was the happiest pup in there, he didn’t know what was coming.

super Rocky!

After filling out some paper work they came for the Rock. He happily went back with the nice lady.

The vet called my dad since I was in class, and said that everything went well and that we could pick him up after 3.

When I went to pick him up they put me in a room to go over discharge stuff and then they went and got Rocky. He was very happy to see me, and was very wiggly, until he went to check out. Rocky just sat there looking extremely pitiful. He had all the ladies working the front desk wrapped around his little paw. He got lots of love. He was a bit wobbly on our way out. After a quick potty break, he hopped in the car and didn’t move till we got home.

What Rocky's teeth looked like, but a lot worse, this was taken about a month before his teeth were pulled. His big boy teeth came in all the way and his baby teeth got stuck.

Ely was very happy to have him home and gave him a sniff down. Rocky slept the rest of the afternoon away. He was still a little out of it Friday, but by Saturday morning, he was back to his happy, somewhat more energized self. Unfortunately, I left the house Saturday morning at 6:30 am for my rock climbing class and was gone all day; Sunday was the same way so the boys didn’t get to see a lot of me last weekend.


  1. Ouch.....that looks like it hurts! I'm sure he feels sooo much better!!


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