Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yet another full day of shopping with an angel (literally)

On Wednesday we headed to the other side of town to go to lunch and some shopping with my sisters. Rocky got to go to IKEA for the first time. He did great! We went to lunch at a BBQ restaurant where Rocky slept while we ate and visited. We then headed to the mall; the mall that we went to is a mile long loop packed full of stories. It has great exposures with different floor surfaces, noises, and a ton of people.

We somehow picked the busiest entrance, Rocky was not 100% comfortable, so we set down and watched the people then went back outside and came back in. That worked and Rocky was comfortable the rest of our many hours of shopping.

We got home, Rocky ate dinner, then Rocky and I headed to church to help out with the children’s Christmas program. Rocky was going to be a sheep, but was way too tired, so he helped me put crowns on all the kids who wanted to be Wiseman. Rocky wanted to be an angel, so he got to wear a halo, I don’t think he even realized it was on his head. Rocky got lots of love by his fan club.

[Close up of Rocky in his blue puppy coat. He is sitting looking to the left with an angel halo sitting on his head]

The Rock star was one tired puppy by the time we got home where he promptly put himself to bed.


  1. Rocky is an angel all the time! Sounds like a busy day.


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