Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alexander!

[Alexander and I at SEGDI’s walk-A-thon 2005. In the background is a lake, I am wearing a blue walk-a-thon shirt and kneeling with my arms around Alexander’s neck. Alex is smiling]

I am feeling very old today, my sweet gentle giant turned 6 years old today or 42 in dog years!

Alexander taught me so much about puppy raising and working and training dogs. I learned so much because of him that I am able to help a lot of other people with some of their doggy issues.

[Alexander, Christmas 2004, Alex is sitting wearing a Santa hat with a look on his face that says “what are you making me ware?” In the background is big red Christmas balls]

[Alexander Christmas 2005, Alex is laying down looking towards the ground, his ears are flying up and his tongue is licking his nose]

Alexander the great was one of his nicknames and boy did it fit him. He was 95 lbs when he went IFT and I think he kept growing! For being so big, he still loved to sit in your lap and let hamsters crawl all around and didn’t care. I remember when the hamsters were in their balls running around, Alex would tip toe trying not to touch them when he went by, but he would normally walk over them and one of his back feet would hit the ball and make the hamster go spinning.

He is one of the gentlest dogs ever, you could do anything to him and he would let you do it. He was so good around kids too. Alex was able to get kids who were terrified of dogs to come up; he loved to be used as a pillow.

[black and white picture of Alexander laying down in the grass with a boy in a baseball outfit leaning up next to him. Alex is leaning over and giving the boy a big kiss]

[Alexander asleep on his bed with his head between his front feet, on top of his head is a small lincoln logs house]

Alexander had great sponsors; I think Alex was their 8th puppy that they sponsored. The wife always loved the name Alexander and wanted to name a puppy. Alexander means “helper of mankind”, that meaning fit Alexander’s personally perfectly!

He was a great puppy and an honor to raise. I loved every minute of my time with him!

[Alex laying on the floor in front of the stove with one front foot tucked underneath him. In front of Alex is a pink exercises ball with a hamster in it]

[close up of Alexander’s face looking up at the camera giving a huge smile]

Happy 6th birthday to Alexander, Flash, Clancy , Shelby and the other 4 MM3 litter!


  1. awww, i remember Alex. he was so sweet.

  2. Happy 6th birthday Alex!

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