Sunday, May 23, 2010

My time with Rocky

I have been working on a certain project since before Rocky went back. It took me a little extra time since I had to sort through over 15,000 pictures from the last year. I hope you enjoy the video below of Rocky’s Journey as a guide dog pup! Rocky would not have been so ready for the next chapter in his life without everyone who had a special part of his life. A big thank you to everyone who gave up some of their love to Rocky! Another big thanks to all the stores, restaurants, and companies who opened their doors wide open to Rocky so that he could learn!


  1. WOW 15,000 photos? Really? And I thought I took a lot of photos! HA! Love the theme music! :D

  2. That was beautiful Rebecca! It made me tear up a bit :)


  3. that's just wonderful. It made me cry thinking about putting one together for Bingo. I had been pretty good thinking about the new puppy and thinking I was handling things quite well, but it is going to so hard. He's been a little velcro dog today too. But it's all for the good and I know despite his very quirky nature that he has potential. He's smart, he's just stubborn. 8-)


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