Thursday, June 10, 2010

The College boys report cards and something very special!

I just want to say I am scared to death and extremely excited every time I get an e-mail that has Rocky or Sherman’s name in the subject line! This morning when I got back from the vet with Ely, I had an e-mail with Sherman and Rocky’s reports as the subject. The good news is that they are both doing great!!!! The Sherminator is dominating in phase 3 (which means he is class ready and is just waiting for his forever person) and the Rock Star is rocking it out in phase 2 (which is the half way point with more demands being placed on him than in phase 1). I am so happy with how they both are doing! They sure do know how to make me proud! They really are doing great and I am glad that they are doing so well and having fun learning. You should be able to click on the training reports to make them bigger. Below is Sherman’s report card: Up next is Rocky’s report: I seriously could not be happier with how they are doing! There are still some things they need to work out, but hopefully a little bit more practice and they will have it in no time. Keep up the good work boys! Note to Rocky’s trainer: I really did try to fix Rocky’s love affair with water bowls! He was smart enough to flip over a no tip bowl when he was just a baby. He just likes playing in water I think. Luckily he is a sweet, smart boy and makes up for it. Hope you are having as much fun hanging out with Rocky as I did! He still gets talked about a lot around town from his huge fan club! They are cheering him on all the way up here! And as if today could not get any better, I got an envelope in the mail from Southeastern which I knew exactly what it was. It was a picture of Rocky in harness. All those modeling shoots paid off; he is posed perfectly with his ears in alert mode! He is such a handsome boy! There was also a certificate of appreciation for raising Rocky, which will go on the ‘wall of fame’ and a letter of thanks that will go in the scrapbook. The picture that I got is a lot better quality then this, but the scanner did not want to work with me today :)


  1. So awesome... KSDS got a pair of labs donated from SEGD - one was raised in our area and one my all time favorite dogs! Such a great day for your inbox!

  2. Rocky looks so good!!!! Wouldn't it be cool if Eve and Sherman graduated in the same class? Talk about loads of fun!! :)



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