Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 months

Joe turned 4 months old yesterday! Hard to believe he is already that old, seems like just yesterday I picked him up. He is such a good puppy and I have had so much fun with him by my side. He takes every exposure in stride and is not afraid of anything. Joe is a blast to take out and I can’t wait for the months to come with the little Joe!

4 of Joe’s favorite things

1.) his food- Joe is certainly a lab who LOVES his food! He was starting to eat a little too fast, so he got a kong in his food bowl to slow him down. After just a few meals he slowed down enough to where he doesn’t need the kong in it anymore. He still does his happy dance when it is meal time, but has learned to sit and stay while I fix their food and until he gets the take a break command. He certainly is one smart little boy!

2) attention- I don’t think that Joe could ever get enough attention! He is so willing to please; since he knows he gets positive attention when he does something right. Joe certainly wants a lot more attention and is a bit clingier than Colt and Ely were at his age. I think that someone got spoiled in the puppy kennel :-), which of course I don’t mind one bit!

3) playing with his friends- Joe is getting quite popular in the puppy social world! He has puppy play dates quite regularly. Some of his favorite friends to play with are his sister Lexie, his friend Beamer (who looks just like him, except that he is white instead of tan. He is about a week younger then Joe), Rocky’s sister’s, Duchess, puppy raisers got a new personal dog when Duchess went IFT and she is a medium size dog who loves to run and play. Her name is Holly. Joe has also successfully gotten Ely to play with him, which is a very difficult feat.

[Joe and his friend Beamer]

4) going places- Joe already knows what his leash and coat mean! He gets SO excited to be going someplace. I felt so bad leaving him behind when I went to school, because he gave me those pitiful puppy dog eyes (I can normally resist them, but he has such sad eyes, when he wants to, it makes it a little bit harder to keep walking). However when he knows that he is going for a ride he runs to the passenger side door and sits. He is a great rider too, though it is not going to be too much longer till he gets to ride in the back as he is quickly outgrowing the front.

Happy 4 month birthday to Joe and the rest of the L10 litter!

[ Joe and his sister Lexie]

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