Monday, October 18, 2010

5 months already!!!

That’s right my little J is growing up way too quickly! Though at 45.6 lbs at 5 months I don’t think he will be little for much longer! I am a day late with this post, but I blame it on being sick and having homework that had to be done yesterday.

Joe had an extra special treat for his month day; he got to play with his sister Lexie! Well, actually they had gotten to play with each other all last week. They both certainly loved being with each other, Joe is sad that Lexie is no longer here to play with him.

In honor of Joe’s 5 month birthday

5 things I love about Joe, granted there are a lot, but I will pick my favorite 5.

1) Joe is one of the happiest most loving puppies I have ever met! He always has on his happy ears, a big smile and his tail never stops wagging. When he gets really happy to see you, he brings you a toy and gives you his happy grunt. He certainly knows how to make you smile when he is sitting there, looking up at you with his tail wagging a mile a minute.

2) The Joe man is defiantly a smart little cracker and is always trying his best to please. He has the best drop it around and when he comes, he comes flying full speed (or at least full speed for him, which is really not that fast). He picks up on commands quickly and will always look up at you to see if he is doing it right. I bell trained Joe to ring the bell hanging from the door when he needs to go out and he rings it every time he needs to go out.

3) His eagerness to work is huge! He is always ready to go on a new adventure and gives you his worst puppy dog eyes when he does not get to go. He does fabulously wherever I take him and he loves every second that he is working.

4) Joe is a mama’s boy. He will be out playing in the yard and comes up to me and want to get some rubbing. He loves to snuggle and sleep at my feet. I keep asking him if he sure he doesn’t have any golden in him, because he is very clingy compared to most labs.

5) Joe will be out in the yard and just sit and watch what is going around him. He could be a great statue he is so still. He loves to just be still and take in the world around him. Joe has a lot of patience for being so young.

Joe is a joy to raise and I am taking in and enjoy every minute of our time together.

Happy 5 month birthday day to Joe, Lexie, Charlie S., Snap, C.W. and the rest of the L10 pups!


  1. Joe is so handsome! What a winner you have there!! :)

  2. Sounds so much like his mama.....


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