Saturday, January 1, 2011

And we are back

Sorry about the unexpected absent from the blogging world. Joe and I have been busy with class, work, and everything else on our plate. But since I am officially done with classes and Christmas, we are back. I personally think that Joe got the easy end of going to college since he slept through class and didn’t have to do any homework or tests! I think he is going to miss all of his friends that he made this semester.

[Joe and the American flags out at school for Veterans Day. Joe is laying down, behind him is rows of small American flags]

I extremely enjoyed taking Joe with me to class. One thing is for sure is that Joe LOVED going to class; from our walks in the cold and crazy downtown traffic every morning to sleeping through class and visiting all of his friends. He always knew exactly where to go and could always take me straight to all my classes and my car. Joe did awesome being my little elf as we went shopping for the past few weeks; we have been gone most of the day 4-5 days a week since the beginning of December. I think he enjoyed all the craziness of the season.

One thing that I noticed while we were out and about so much this month is that Joe has a little GPS in his head. I think it is amazing that even though he has never been in some of the places we took him, he always knew exactly where to go. We were at the mall one day and were looking for the elevator, since Joe can’t ride escalators. I have not started teaching Joe the find the commands, since he is still too young, yet he somehow knew what we were looking for and took me around corners and straight to the elevator. He is certainly going to be easy to teach the find the commands to!

[Joe on his last day of class. Joe is sitting looking up at the camera, his tail is a blur from wagging it]

I get asked the question every once and a while “which of your puppies is your favorite?” My answer was Alex is my favorite yellow goldador, Colt is my favorite black lab, Ely is my favorite yellow lab (it then changed to my favorite yellow lab therapy dog), Sherman is my favorite black goldador, Rocky is my favorite yellow lab in training, and Joe is my favorite black and tan lab. But really they are all so different that they each have traits that I love about them that only they had. I would have to say that so far Joe is one of the smartest that I have raised. Don’t get me wrong, all my puppies have been smart, but the way Joe works out problems is amazing! Granted being so smart also gets him into some trouble every once and a while.

[Joe at his first Christmas party! Joe is sitting with a wall of windows beside him. He is looking up at the camera. Next to him is a white gift bag and in front of him is a small envelope with a gift card inside]

Sorry again for being such a horrible blogger! I hope to be better this year!

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