Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

Joe had an honor that none of my previous puppies have had. He got to go shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day present for his mom and then got to deliver it in person. 

The search for the perfect present started last week. We searched through two different stores before Joe found a toy that he thought his mommy would like, unfortunately it was a not so cute snake toy.
I broke the news to him that his mommy probably didn’t want a snake (he is such a little boy!).
So we kept looking. Joe narrowed it down to 3; a purple kong wubba, a purple snuggle wubba, and a bunny wubba. Joe picked out the purple kong wubba for his mom and a blue kong wubba for an early birthday present for himself :)
Yesterday morning our puppy meeting happened to be 5 minutes from where Joe’s mom lives. We made a detour before our meeting and headed over to drop off his present. Tina  and Joe played for over 30 minutes. The funny thing was that Tina doesn’t normally play with other pups, but the loved playing with Joe. I guess he really is her favorite son! Maggie, who is another breeder and mom to 4 pups in our group, loves to play with other dogs and didn’t quite know what to do when Joe wanted nothing to do with her. He only wanted to play with his mom! Joe must be built like his daddy, since he looks so big next to his mom. 

Joe certainly is a mama’s boy!

A very happy Mother’s Day to Sensei (Alexander’s mom), Susan (Colt’s mom), Lucy (Ely’s mom), Morghan (Sherman’s mom), Bella (Rocky’s mom), Tina (Joe’s mom) and to all the rest of the wonderful moms that make up Southeastern guide dog breeders!

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