Monday, November 9, 2009

The N7 boys

Here is a little update about the N7 boys! They were some smart little guys and all went through training really fast! This litter had a 80% success rate of being guide dogs, and the 20% couldn’t really help it, since it was medical.

Sherman graduated in August as a guide dog

Buttons graduated in September as a guide dog.

Simon was career changed due to health issues.

Patriot graduated in either September or October as a guide dog.

Beau graduated in October as a guide dog.

It is amazing to think that 5 little puppies could change 5 people’s lives forever! I know that whoever got these boys, whether as guides or pets, are blessed to get such sweet dogs to tackle the world together!

*Pictures taken by SEGDI when the puppies were around 6 weeks old*


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Rebecca and Joe