Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puppy Camp

Last week was the end to puppy camp for Rocky and Spike. I had the Spike-a-roo for 2 weeks. He was the best puppy camp puppy that we have had. Rocky and Spike have some of the same characteristics and Spike also reminded me a lot of Sherman. Back in March when I was given the option between a male or female, black or yellow puppy from the B09 litter, I knew that I wanted a male, just couldn’t make up my mind between a yellow or a black boy. I finally decided on the yellow to follow my pattern of yellow black yellow black. Spike was the black boy, so it was fun to have him for two weeks. I also decided it was probably a good thing that I picked Rocky, Spike would have never been called Spike, he would have been called Sherman (since my mom called him that the entire two weeks we had him.) [Spike, black lab from the chest up, sitting in the sun with fence and green bushes and grass behind him, he is wearing an orange striped collar, and is looking at the camera] Rocky enjoyed being an only dog for 2 weeks and got lots of loving by his puppy camp mom. I saw Rocky once during camp at church and he was quite happy to be with Spike’s mom. Spike was able to go to school with my mom and to class with me. Spike has very good house manners and was very sweet. I was sick with a bad cold the 2nd week we had him and he would not leave my side. [Ely, yellow lab laying on his round white bed with Spike, black lab laying in front on his brown square bed, both are looking at the camera] I really enjoyed Spike’s time with us, the only thing he wanted me to tell his puppy raiser was that he wanted a little brother or sister. But there is a cute little 9 week old puppy in training named Sparky living just around the corner now so maybe that will help.


  1. Love the photos - sounds like a great time!

  2. Ah! Spike sounds like such a sweetie. Nice to have with you for two weeks. Love the two of them on the pillows!
    We were wondering if you choose puppies to work with or assigned. Sounds like you were able to make a few choices.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Swapping puppies can be lots of fun, and we enjoyed hearing about Spike!

    We've enjoyed keeping tabs on your blog & would like to pass on the "You're a Blessing" award! Keep up the good work!


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