Saturday, November 28, 2009

8 months old!

[Rocky from the chest up wearing a red snowflake bandana looking to the side with a field in the back ground]

I can’t believe Rocky turned 8 months old on Friday! I can’t believe I have had him for 6 months already! He has grown up so much in the past month and is so comfortable with anything he gets exposed to. He is now up to 65.8 lbs. and still growing! What I really don’t understand is that there is just a 10 lb difference between Rocky and Ely. Rocky is just good about hiding his weight! I don’t believe that Rocky realizes that he is quite so big, he still tries to get through places that he went when he was little; granted he makes it, just takes a little bit more maneuvering.

[Rocky sitting in field wearing his blue puppy in training coat]

8 things about Rocky on his 8 month birthday

1) Rocky is the only dog I know who enjoys loud noises; most dogs move away from loud noises, but Rocky seems to enjoy them. He especially loves the hairdryer and the vacuum cleaner.

2) He loves to be under stuff. When he goes to class with me he loves to be right under my chair.

3) He is great on leash walking right where he is supposed to be.

4) Rocky has a great memory, if he gets corrected for something, he normally won’t do it again. He is also great at figuring out stuff. (Like how to open doors that aren’t latched.) He is one smart boy!

5) He is a snugger, I love snuggles! Rocky loves to snuggle up next to Ely.

6) He is a very laid back pup; when he was little he was a rock on the end of the leash, he is no longer that, but people can’t believe he is a 8 month old lab, since he is so calm.

7) He loves to go places, doesn’t matter where it is. I know he will do great in any situation.

8) He is a famous pup! He is on a greeting card. Not just any greeting card, but a singing greeting card! (I just can’t let it go to his head that he is now famous.)

[Rocky chewing on his bone with his greeting card in front of him]

[Rocky’s greeting card- Rocky with his front paws hanging out of the car with his head resting on the car (the car is red, it was originally a white car)]

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