Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cold paws, warm heart

On Saturday, when it was in the mid 20’s outside, we headed indoors to an ice skating for our puppy meeting. It was actually warmer inside than outside! One of the other puppy groups was also there; it was good to see some old faces and meet some new ones. Since there were over 20 puppies there, we broke up into our local puppy groups for some obedience and announcements. We then headed inside to get warmed up and wait till the rink was free. It was actually a great test for the pups to behave themselves with all the distractions! Both of the groups have mostly black labs; there are only 4 yellow labs and a vizsla out of both groups. Thinking back, our group has either had mostly yellow pups or black pups; I normally have the color that not many others have.

[Rocky laying on a concrete floor with his head resting on his front paw, looking over his left. In the background are other puppies and people]

[Rocky laying on ice skating rink with his head resting on his paw]

[Rocky sitting in the middle of the ice skating rink looking towards the camera]

[Rocky standing on the ice watching the other pups explore the ice]

Once the rink was open we headed in there and let the pups check out the ice. I was surprised (though I shouldn’t be since he is a Rock Star at everything) at how well Rocky did on the ice. He just walked on like he had been walking on ice his whole life. There were a few dogs who took them a minute or so to get their footing right. Rocky and I worked on sitting, standing, laying and walking on the ice. Rocky’s favorite part was laying down on the ice!

I was able to get some cute pictures of him and most of his siblings on the ice by themselves. It is hard to believe that they are so old and don’t need their puppy raisers standing beside them to maintain a stay anymore.

[most of the puppies from both of the groups on the ice along with their puppy raisers]

[Rocky and Spike (black lab) best friends and brothers sitting on the ice]

[The 3 B09 boys, Rocky, Spike and Toby]

[Then there were 4. Cassidy, Rocky, Spike and Toby, 4 of the 5 B09 litter (Duchess had already left) sitting on the ice all by themselves looking to the left]

Rocky came home and passed out, of course he was tired from playing with his brother Spike before the meeting . It had been about a month since they saw each other last and you would have thought it was years. They were so cute playing together!


  1. that is quite the learning experience! Never would have thought about that kind of training but it makes sense!

  2. That sounds like a fun trip! I've taken James to the skating rink before, but never out on the actual ice there, we get enough ice and snow around here in MA that he's use to that but I never really thought to take him out on the skate rink.

    Glad Rocky did so well!

  3. Ice skating was a great exposure, you sure did great!
    And looked totally pawsome in the pictures:)

  4. One day Bingo will be able to sit next another dog like that! One day....


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