Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2010!

[Rocky and Ely on their bed in front of our glass door. Rocky is in front with Ely resting his head on Rocky’s back]

New Years Eve was somewhat busy, Rocky and Ely both went on a long walk. Then Rocky and I went shopping with my parents before heading out to the movies. We went to see Have you heard about the Morgan’s. We had been to see Blindside a few weeks before and that is a great movie! I would strongly recommend it! Rocky slept through the entire movie with the theater crammed packed. During the Morgan’s movie, Rocky watched a good part of it. Rocky is so good about walking right over a ton of popcorn on the floor or anything thing else for that matter, I am very happy for that! After the movie, we had a late dinner at a relatively new BBQ restaurant near our house. Rocky went in, lay down, and went to sleep and got told that he was so cute and so well behaved by several of the waitresses and other customers. We then went to pick up Ely from his babysitters and headed home.

[Rocky and I in front of the movie posters for Have you Heard About the Morgan’s and The Blindside]

[Rocky under the table at the restaurant. He is tucked in a tight ball, looking up at the camera]

Rocky and Ely slept right through the last hour of 2009 and Ely didn’t enjoy the beginning of 2010. He has been a little concerned about thunder and fireworks since he was on so much pain medicine when he had his knee surgery. He was not happy that everyone around was shooting off fireworks and went to chill out under the dining room table. Rocky was so sweet and brought him a bone to chew on then decided he wanted the bone and lay down beside him to chew on his bone. After a little while, Ely calmed down and went to bed.

[Ely asleep on his brown bed in the last minutes of 2009]

[Rocky in the end of 2009 asleep on his tan bed]

New Years Day, we had the traditional New Year’s lunch at my grandparents’ house then we went for a long walk after lunch. There were quite a few people shooting off firecrackers; Ely was a little concerned when they first started, but accepted the noise and walked very nicely, Rocky didn’t care one bit about the noise. Of course this is the puppy who sleeps through fireworks that were shot off right down the road while we were outside on July 4th.

We hope everyone has had a great beginning to 2010! 2010 is going to hold lots of new adventures for Rocky. It is hard to believe that he is going to graduate from puppy hood and head off to college this year!

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