Monday, April 26, 2010

A brighter ending to the day

There is nothing like a bad stressful day ending on a brighter note. With only one more week of class before finals, let’s just say I am a little on the stressed side. I got home late today from a long day of class and tests. Of course it had to be raining to bring down my mood along with all the rush hour traffic. I got home to find a letter from SEGDI, it was thanking me for raising Rocky and the sacrifice that I made to raise Rocky and kindness to help someone else. It was just what I needed to make me a little more cheerful.

To make my day even brighter, I got word from one of my spies at the school that the new IFT dogs are getting out and about on campus with one of the kennel assistants and they are being walked in harness. Makes me so happy that Rocky is getting a lot of attention and the weather is wonderful down there. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MY WONDERFUL SPY!!!!!!

So if my calculations are correct, Rocky will begin working with his trainer later this week or early next week. If they pair up trainers with dogs like they have in the past, Rocky will be getting a fabulous trainer, though they are all fabulous.

Seems like forever since Rocky left, in reality it has only been a little over two weeks.

Keep studying hard Rocky Road!


  1. Can your "spy" keep you informed about Spike? Got my thank you letter yesterday also. Hoping he is doing well and learning everything he will need to be a great guide dog.

  2. Sorry for the bad day - but YAY for the awesome letter!!! Adorable photos!

  3. Thanks for doing what you are a special young lady!


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