Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have come to a conclusion

So I have finally come to a conclusion . . . I miss my Rock Star! All this week I have gotten some strange looks at school; I realized that I was saying left and right out loud along with find the door and step, I was able to catch myself most of the time just every once in a while it slips out.

It is way too quiet around our house, no Rocky coming running when the freezer is open or when you turn the hair dryer on. I think Ely misses his housemate. He has been much more attached to us than his normal self. For once I wish Ely had a little bit more energy.

One of Rocky’s best friends, Cole, who lives across the street, was going for a walk the other day and his owner stopped to talk to us. Cole went crazy trying to get in our house or to try to get Rocky to come to the door. We both have glass doors, and so they were too funny watching each other through their door as they grew up. Poor Cole does not understand what happened to his friend.

Hopefully Rocky is enjoying college life. Rocky’s personality is just so happy that I know he will be content where ever he is.

As for the many people who want to know if there will be another puppy? The answer is yes, it just might be a few months. Puppy raising is a highly additive activity and is too much a part of my life. I was offered a puppy that would be ready in mid-May, but since I am still trying to catch up with life, which has left me behind again, I might need a little bit more time and focus on some important stuff for my future. Hopefully I will have another bundle of joy to raise before the end of the summer.

Puppy raising has been such an rewarding experience for me and I have a hard time seeing myself without being a part of such a wonderful organization.

Till then, I am filling up my spare time with a ton of jobs and puppy sitting just happens to be one of them. I will have a very sweet puppy in training named Bingo next week. She is so sweet and I can’t wait! I also get to watch her housemate Singita who was CC’d from SEGDI and is Ely’s age.

Man, I miss those eyes looking back at me!


  1. I hope to hear some more news on the "certain litter" soon!
    Such good pictures (as always!)

  2. Sorry that you and Ely are missing Rocky. I'm sure it must be hard. That's such a cute story about the neighbor dog and the glass doors. Hope the puppy sitting helps fill some of the empty feeling!

  3. Man. I have been watching your blog since you got Rocky, and I cry now that he's gone. He's become like a good friend to me, and you don't know how many times I've wanted to meet you, Rebecca!

    I don't know what I'd do if I had to give up my puppy; I'll pray for you!

    Your secret friend

  4. Makes me really wonder how I will ever turn my little one in! Reading your blog helps me realize what I better prepare for. Take some time for yourself! You deserve it.

  5. My house is way too quiet also. Life seems too easy. I know I should be enjoying this time, but I kind of miss the daily chores of feeding and walking, etc. (I do not miss the pooper scooping.) The work was worth the huge reward of Spike's companionship and love. He was definitely the one with all the energy in our house.


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