Sunday, April 11, 2010

Continuing on the Journey

Rocky left Friday morning to head off to Florida. He traveled with a former puppy raiser and dear friend who had to go down for meetings at the school anyways and offered to take along my sweet boy. We dropped him off around 9:30 and said our goodbyes. I somehow managed to hold it together while I told about Rocky and what was in his bag and watched as he happily hopped up into the car and looked back with a big smile on his face. We drove away a little before 10 and headed to the beach to get our minds off the fact that there was not a happy, snuggly puppy with us anymore.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful updates I got along the way about Rocky. He apparently slept all the way to Florida and then stayed with some family of my friend. I found out he almost didn’t make it out of Jacksonville since they had fallen in love with him! He was dropped off at Southeastern around 2:30ish Saturday afternoon and found his best friend and brother, Spike, waiting for him. I got a call around 3 saying that Rocky and Spike were both happy and they were playing in the receiving kennel yard.

Rocky got a good report on the trip down and was a great rider. In only a little over 24 hours, my friend was in love with him.

Good luck little buddy! Don’t party too hard (I hear there are some pretty, black goldador girls who like to party coming from Georgia). Make lots of new friends, give lots of love to the kennel assistants, listen to your trainer and have fun. Remember what you have learned and don’t pick up any bad habits. You have already made me proud and I am so honored and blessed to have raised such a special puppy. Whatever career you choose will be fine with me; all I want is for you to be happy! I love you Rock Star!

I wanted to say a very special thank you to all our blogger, facebook and twitter friends as well as other friends for the prayers, thoughts and well wishes over the past few weeks along with the letters, e-mails and phone calls. They meant so much and were very appreciated!

A huge thank you to the wonderful lady who took such good care of my sweet boy and made sure he was all settled in at college. You have no idea how much I appreciated it!


  1. Good luck Rocky, not that he needs it, sounds like he is an excellent dog!

  2. It made me cry! I hate turn in day. But sounds like he has some friends and is well on his way to fulfilling his destiny. Congrats on raising such a sweet boy.

  3. I hope you will continue to blog! Are you getting a new pup at some point?

  4. He was also very lucky to have you. You took excellent care of him. I hope they keep you updated. Will you get another?

  5. OH, that post made me tear up!! Good luck Rocky!!


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