Friday, July 9, 2010

Update on my boys

I apologize for being such a horrible blogger! This summer has been a little crazy with all my jobs. In the last month I have heard some updates from most of my boys! We shall start with the oldest. :) Alexander

I have not heard any update from Alex, however I didn’t want to leave him out. He turned 6 years and 7 months today! Hard to believe he is almost 7! I am feeling old. Hopefully he and his partner are doing great!


Again I have heard nothing directly from him; however he became an uncle again! His sister, Tina, had 9 gorgeous puppies on May 17th. He is now the proud uncle to at least 18 pups! The 2 black ones in the litter look just like him! I know he would be proud of his sister for being such a great mom! Both Colt and Tina will be turning the big 5 in just a few days!


Ely’s allergies are the most under control that they have been in the last 2 years. He went to see the allergist at our vet a few months ago and boy has it made a difference! Ely is enjoying the lazy dog days of summer and is currently trying to train Dakota. Let’s just say Ely is ready to ship him off to military school! The poor guy does not know what’s going to happen to him in a few weeks ;) Ely is also the proud half uncle to Tina’s pups. There is one little yellow one that looks just like Ely did when he was a baby.


I hear Sherman is doing well. One of my lovely spies was able to get some pictures of him when they toured the school. I talked to Sherman’s former partner a few weeks ago and found out that the reason why he gave him up was because he no longer needed him. He regained most of his sight! He said it was a hard decision to give Sherman back, but knows that it was the best decision. I am very happy that he was able to be a part of Sherman’s life.


I found out that one of the wonderful kennel assistants outsmarted the Rock Star when it came to his love of water bowls. I am thinking Rocky will be getting a bowl stand and some bowls for his graduation present ;) While at college Rocky has moved on from just modeling, he is now a movie star! From what my spies have sent me, he is adjusting well to this new side job at college.


Dakota will be meeting his new puppy raiser family tomorrow morning at our meeting and will be joining their household next week. His previous raisers could no longer raise him due to some health issues. So we have been keeping him until he found his new home. He has grown a boat load in the past 2 weeks and is in the process of losing all of his teeth. He is such a playful little guy, and has been a fun addition to our house.

Puppy #6

So I have known about this for a while, just have not gotten around to blogging about it. If you are my friend on facebook, you found out about it a long time ago. I will be getting a new puppy in only 15 days! This will be a very special pup as he is one of Tina’s puppies! Tina and I had a little talk back in February that when she had her next litter that she needed to have lots of boys and that she could pick the color for me. She listened to the first part, however not the second part. Tina had 9 puppies - 7 boys and 2 girls. There were 4 yellow boys, 2 black boys, 1 black and tan boy, 1 yellow girl, and 1 black and tan girl. I got pick of what color I wanted and since I have not had a black and tan, I jumped on the opportunity to get one. I will be getting a big black and tan boy on July 24th. He will have one sister and one brother in our group and 2 of his other siblings will be in a group not too far from us. I hear from some more of my spies (I love all my spies!!!) that he is quite the crowd pleaser, is gorgeous, and is very sweet! I found out his name today, however I am going to make you wait to find that out later ;) If you are on facebook, you already know that too:)

So that is a little update on all my boys, plus the foster one (Dakota). I will try not to be such a bad blogger from now on.


  1. Thats awesome girl...another baby to love...MAYA turned 1..crazy...keep blogging..I love to check in.

  2. He is a lab.
    Aww, Happy late birthday Maya! It has been hard the last 3 months without a puppy to love, though I have been stealing other peoples pups:)


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