Friday, February 11, 2011

Growing up way too fast!

I am a bad puppy mom! I totally missed posting things about Joe for his 7th and 8th month birthday.

So to make up for it and since Joe is still 8 months…

8 things that I love about Joe

1) His smile

2) His coloring (which is changing as he gets older. His once black belly is now a light tan and his undercoat is tan which makes him look like a zebra when I give him a bath)

3) His tail - he never puts his tail down all the way; it is either wagging happily in the air or straight out behind him. Most of the time he has a happy tail. When we are on walks or out for an outing his happy tail brushes my hand every once and a while like he is checking to see if I am still beside him.

4) He is a mama’s boy (He used to only want to be with me, however I fixed that quickly once I realized that he had a problem when he was with someone else, especially when he could still see me. He now does not care that other people work him when I am around and has, over the past month or so, broken in 4 new puppy raisers!) He still loves me the best thoughJ

5) He is a snuggler! When you sit on the ground, he loves to put his head in your lap or even when he is doing his happy dance will come over for some snuggles!

Joe asleep during small group. He loves to spend Sunday mornings with some super cool first graders!

7) His eagerness to please and his love to work. He gets so excited when he sees his training collar, leash and coat because he knows he is going someplace. When he is out working, he very rarely needs a correction and he gets so proud and prances through the stores.

Joe asleep during kids church

8) He is a very quick learner. I think he has been sleeping with the puppy manual under his bed at night and has been absorbing the information through osmosis! He picked up on the switch command after just a few time of me teaching it to him. I am starting to notice that he is even picking up on which doors he has to switch at! He is awesome at figuring out where we are going even before I tell him; I think he has a little GPS in his head! Joe is certainly fun to train and he LOVES to learn new commands.

Happy 7th and 8th month birthday to the L10 litter! You guys are growing up way to fast!

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  1. Joe is special...and so handsome! Such a good boy in church too. :)


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