Monday, February 21, 2011

9 months

My little Joe turned 9 months old on Thursday!

I was getting some pictures printed off the other day and boy was Joe a little guy with a fat little belly only a few months ago!

In honor of Joe’s 9 month birthday…..

9 of Joe’s favorite places to go for an outing (though he loves to go everywhere, he especially loves going to these places as people know him by name and always tell him how handsome he is and how he is such a good boy)

1) our local Marshalls- Joe has made friends with several of the managers. Therefore he gets to put in his preference when it comes to what kind of doggy stuff they have:)

2) Church- Joe’s fan club has missed him while he has been at puppy camp and are excited that he will be there next Sunday. Joe puts all of the kids in a better mood every week!

3) The dentist- I am not allowed to go to the dentist without taking a puppy with me! Joe is the 8th puppy that has been going to our dentist in the last 10 years! There were some other SEGD raisers that went there before I started raising (they moved to Texas and raised for Guide dogs of Texas). The dentist is a great exposure for the puppies since there are some weird noises, but usually all of my puppies sleep quietly beside me while I get my teeth cleaned. I guess one of the reasons why Joe likes the dentist is that he LOVES his teeth being brushed!

4) our local Petsmart- Joe has made several friends there and they all love when Joe comes. Petsmart is one of those places where you really can never go too much. Of course when we are regulars in there since they built one right down the road:)

5) the library- our local library is awesome about my puppies! They love Joe’s sweet and loveable personality. Joe loves to look out the low windows.

6) Super Target- Joe and I are regulars at our Target and are in there at least once a week. We always bump into someone that we know and Joe has made friends with the people who work there.

7) Costco- The floors are always nice and cool to take a rest while shopping. Joe and Ely say they have some of the best beds too!

8) Trader Joe’s- Of course Joe loves a store with his name in it! Plus most of the people who work there are big doggy lovers;-) (and they have really good dog treats, according to the boys)

9) school- Joe loves being the teacher pet in classes and also the businesses around campus.

Joe loves to walk beside the very busy road our neighborhood is off of!

Happy 9 month birthday to Joe and his brothers and sisters!


  1. I love Trader Joe's with the puppies! No matter where I go the workers in Trader Joe's just love the puppies and are so helpful with them.


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