Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy camp

Joe left last tonight for a 2 week puppy camp. He went with some awesome fellow puppy raisers and I know he will have fun. He gets to be an only dog for camp which means that he does not have to share all the attention! Plus it is good for him to get used to being an only dog.

Joe checking out all of his stuff

“This is a really good bone!”

The family that has Joe for camp could not make it to the meeting this morning, so we swapped early. I had their dog, Al (who is brother to Dakota, the puppy we had for a month back before Joe arrived). Al is a very big black goldador. He made himself right at home and worked hard on taking out and playing with all the toys from the toy box! He is a very sweet big guy! Joe and Al had fun playing and running around the yard for a little bit before Joe left. Al also got to play with one of Joe’s friends this morning before we headed off to puppy meeting where Al went with another raiser for the rest of camp and I got Rudy, Al’s brother. It is amazing how two brothers can look so different! They are both big, but are shaped very differently.

All packed up and ready to go

Al being a good boy in the yard

Rudy has settled in and has already met 5 of Joe’s friends that live around us. He played with Cole, the same doggy that Al played with this morning. Let’s just say between the 3 of them, that is a lot of big black dog! Part of the routine for all new dogs that come into the house is a bath (since I am allergic to certain dog shampoos.) So all doggies get bathed with earthbath shampoo which doesn’t cause me to break out in itchy hives! Rudy did well with the bath and found a good bone to chew on while he was drying off in the sun by the front door.

Rudy after his bath

Rudy and Cole playing in the yard

I heard that Joe was being a very good boy at a fencing meet this morning and was listing to commands quickly. He is such a little crowd pleaser!

I am not sure Ely is enjoying all the changing of the dogs since he is still a little out of it from all the pain meds he is on from the knee surgery he had on Wednesday. He just wants his bed out of the traffic pattern.


  1. Aww, thanks for the update.
    Glad to hear Joe is doing well, he sure is a sweet dog!
    Be a good boy Rudy, and don't "out play" your welcome :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. WOW, so fun you guys do a camp swap. Although 2 weeks sounds like a long time!

  3. We have one of Al and Rudy's brothers, Kelton in our group down here in Florida. I knew about Al and Rudy, but didn't know about Dakota. So, Kelton, Rudy, Al, and Dakota. Do you have any idea about the other four from the litter?

  4. I don’t know where the rest of their siblings are. Dakota got transferred to somewhere in Florida I believe. It is always so much fun to find litter mates!


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