Friday, August 28, 2009


The Friday night (August 7, 2009) while we were in FL for Sherman’s puppy raiser day, we went out to dinner with another puppy raiser family from Florida. All of the pups did great! After we ate we went to drop the boys off at their house. Rocky and Eve hit it off and were so cute playing together. Eve had a good 30-40 lbs on Rocky, but Rocky was quick playing keep away when he got the toy. Ely was very happy to be there also and had on his happy ears. We thought that Rocky and Ely would have a lot more fun spending the night and play then to go and sit around. It was also a lot easier leaving the hotel Saturday morning without getting 2 doggies ready too. Rocky didn’t even say good bye when we left, he was having too much fun! Ely would have gone with us, but he was happy to stay too. We picked them up Saturday afternoon after puppy raiser day and they both got a good report. As soon as we got in the car Rocky was out. He slept the entire 3 hour drive to the hotel we were staying at and then some more once we got there while my family went to the beach. *Pictures provided by Meagan, Eve’s puppy raiser*


  1. He had a blast!! Its always fun to visit with other PRs!

    --Also sadly no baby puppy in my future...excuse me near future.I'll update my blog about the news as soon as I can.

  2. Those are great pictures Rebecca!! :-)

    Eve had a great time....she loves playing with other pups.

    If your ever down our way again...PLEASE stop by!!


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