Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The great ride south and a trip to the beach

One very happy puppy! On Wednesday, we loaded up the car and headed south for Sherman’s puppy raiser day. This was Rocky’s first long road trip with us and he did fabulously. Both Ely and Rocky slept the entire 9 hour drive down to Daytona Beach. I didn’t think I was very good at remembering, but I think I remembered every stop we had made over the past years since I started raising. The ride down went by relatively fast. We got to the hotel about 12:15 Thursday morning and Rocky was ready to play. I took the boys down to the beach while the car was getting unloaded and they enjoyed walking around by the light of the full moon. Rocky was not very happy about having to go back to sleep.
I LOVE Rocky's face!
Much better
We got up around 6:30 Thursday morning and took the boys for a walk on the beach. Rocky LOVED the beach. Ely is always so happy when we go to the beach; he puts on his really happy face. Rocky was not sure about the ocean to begin with, but soon warmed up to it and enjoyed walking in the water. He was quit tired by the time we got back and slept under the table while we ate breakfast.
Rocky testing out the water
The boys on the beach
Having fun in the ocean
"What is this stuff?"

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