Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am a little late posting this, but better late than never. On Friday morning (August 7, 2009) we got up before the sun to head 3 hours southwest to Palmetto, FL to Southeastern Guide Dogs. We got to hug and play with adorable baby puppies. We found out that a puppy that was in our group who made it as a breeder had her second litter of puppies. There were only three left and they were big puppies. They looked like Colt and Ely when they were babies. I checked on the website and found out that they were half brothers to the new babies. They are going to be very good puppies! Rocky in front of the SEGDI rock
one of the adorable chocolate labs
I was holding one of Princess Gabby’s puppies! He walk right up into my lap. My sister was holding an Ashley puppy.
Two of the 4 week old vizslas
An adorable little yellow lab puppy! I would have puppy-napped all the puppies if I could, but I don’t think their future puppy raisers would have been too happy with me.
After we got done with the babies we headed over to the main training kennel to see about walking some doggies. There were no more dogs to walk, but some dogs that could be brushed. I requested one of Sherman’s brothers. I was given Buttons. Buttons is a big boy like Sherman, and was sweet. After some pictures and a good brushing, I turned Buttons back in and headed over to the gift shop to get some SEGD gear. Poor Rocky was completely worn out by then (he went for a walk with my dad while we played with the other puppies).
Buttons, Sherman's brother. Friday afternoon was filled with shopping and a nap when he could get it for Rocky.
A very tired Rocky

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