Friday, January 28, 2011

Rocky has a new family!

I got an e-mail tonight from one of my AC’s telling me that Rocky has been placed with his forever family! Below is a summary of what I got about Rocky’s new family

His new family is a single guy who loves Rocky’s laid back attitude and distinctive facial features. He feels lucky to get such a well-mannered and obedient dog. Rocky will get to enjoy runs, walks and plenty of swimming in his new home. His new person is very appreciative to get a dog from Southeastern and is thankful to the staff and me.

Just from that, I can tell that Rocky found the best person to call his owner. Reading it brought tears of joy, knowing that I made the right decision for Rocky. I could not be happier for Rocky and his new forever person. I know that Rocky was meant for his new person from the very beginning and I am just happy that they finally found each other!


  1. That is so exciting Rebecca!!!! Rocky is going to be so happy to be in a home setting again... and I am sure he will be spoiled! Hmm, maybe Rocky's new owner has a neighbor with a female black lab eh? :)


  2. Thanks Meagan! I agree! But no one would be able to take the place of his first love:). I actually found out something else, but will send you an e-mail about that;)


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