Saturday, June 25, 2011

13 months!

(So I am a little late as Joe turned 13 months last Friday, but at least I wrote it on his 13 month birthday just didn’t have time to find pictures and post it till now.)

The little Joe man is already 13 months old! Where has the time gone! It seems like just yesterday that Joe was a just a little fat guy. He is now a lean, sweet, smart puppy.
I found another one of Joe’s brother’s last week! His name is Woody and he is one of the 4 yellow boys of the litter! He will be going IFT with Joe in July!
In honor of Joe’s 13 month birthday…

13 things I love about Joe…
1) I love how Joe can have a serious face 1 minute and 2 seconds later have a puppy face.
2) Joe always knows who needs a little extra Joe loving. 

3) The way Joe uses Ely as a pillow during their morning nap. He is going to need to be with some roomies who love to snuggle!

4) I know that Joe will do great in any situation that I put him in, which makes it a tiny bit easier to send him back since I know he is ready to handle anything they throw at him:)

5) How he will wait in his sit-stay with his food bowl right in front of him during meal time for however long I make him, even through Ely eating all of his food, until I give him the take a break command.

6) His happy grunts. If he is really happy to see you, he will pick up a toy, put his ears back and grunt with happiness.
7) How he always is ready to go on another adventure
8) He loves kids and I love how gentle he is with all kids, but especially kids with special needs. He has made a difference in quite a few special kids life; since dogs don’t judge and are an instant friend, they form a quick bond. 

9) I know I say it a lot, but I love Joe’s coloring!
10) How he checks on you to make sure you are okay in the house

11) How he gets along with everyone he meets both 2 legged and 4 legged. He is my little social butterfly!
12) Joe is known by name in a lot of the stores and restaurants near us. His fan club is huge!

13) His great personality which is a small part in why everyone who meets Joe loves him! 

Happy 13th month birthday to my little Joe and his awesome siblings Lexie, Charlie, Snap, CW, Woody and the other 3 boys that I am still hunting for!

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