Thursday, June 30, 2011

Library program

On Tuesday Joe, Ely, my mom, and I headed to our local library to do a program about guide dogs and Southeastern. This was the 7th year in a row that I have done a program for the kids. The guide dog program in one of the favorite programs during the summer. 
All ready for the program
This year it was a group of rising first-sixth graders. They were some smart kids with some good questions (I only had to tell one little boy to get his mom or dad to answer his question ;-)
Look at those pitiful puppy dog eyes!
There is my happy Joe!
Joe did awesome during the program and slept through most of it. They loved being able to pet him and Ely once I took their coats off after the program. One of the mom’s who sat in on the program was very interested in sponsoring a puppy, since at this point in their life they can’t have a puppy. I was able to give her information and hopefully they will be able to sponsor a puppy! 
I hear kids!
Some dog book and activity sheets for the kids
Joe in front of our sign!
The library also was making a donation to Southeastern since all the other programs were going to cost them this summer and I was free :-) 
Ely and Joe chilling out while I packed everything up
I also got an e-mail about doing a program in the fall at a school. I might have to steal a puppy to take to that program

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