Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One last play date

Two Sundays ago, Joe had a play date with one of his brothers and one of his sisters. This was their last play date together. Lexie headed back to Southeastern last Monday and Charlie has already been career changed due to a health problem and is enjoying his life as a spoiled pet. Joe loves playing with his siblings. He had not seen Charlie since January or February and was very excited to see him. 
Waiting for his brother and sister to get here
Chilling out in his pool watching his siblings play
There they go!
They had so much fun playing together! Though Joe did try to get both of them in the baby pools, neither of them were going for it! 

It is fun to see how similar and different siblings can be! Snap (Joe’s other sister) and CW (one of his other brothers) could not make it, but Joe will be getting to play and see the rest of his brothers in just a short time when all the brothers head off to school together. 
"I love you Charlie!"
3 sweet puppies!
Good luck to Lexie and Snap as they start the next chapter in their life!

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