Sunday, June 19, 2011

It’s official

I have had a pretty good feeling that Joe would be heading back to Southeastern Guide Dogs in July. I got an e-mail Monday confirming that he is on the IFT list for July. I also got all his IFT paperwork the other day, which he didn’t seem too happy about :)
“Not another neuter letter…I can’t look!”
“Okay, I will just give it a little sniff…”
Joe will be heading back to school July 23rd with some awesome fellow puppies. There are mostly boys in his IFT group, so I know Joe will have a blast playing with them! Joe will also be heading back with some of Rocky’s half siblings!
“but I am not going to open it…”
“I can’t look… will someone read it to me”
Joe is ready for the next chapter in his life and I know he will do great in whatever career he picks.
“I’ve been accepted! College here I come!!!”
I am excited that I will be taking Joe down! Southeastern has started a new process on how they are taking puppies back called Guide Dog U. Instead of bring them in Monday-Thursday of a certain week, everyone is bringing them back on a Saturday morning. June was the first time they did it this way and I heard from several raisers how awesome it was and that it made giving up your puppy a little easier. I am excited to meet some fellow puppy raisers in person and, hopefully, our boys will be friends!

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  1. A huge congrats on making it to the last stage! We are currently raising GDA puppy number two and he is 10 months. Every milestone we pass brings huge smiles! Your boy is adorable.


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