Friday, September 19, 2008

Airport Meeting

This past Sunday, our puppy raising group had a unique opportunity to let our puppies get on a airplane. This is one of my favorite meetings. All of the puppies love going on and off the plane and none of them were afraid of anything. Sherman loved going into the cockpit and sitting in first class. He had a hard time sitting in the regular seats because he is so big. He liked the bulkhead better, because there was a lot more room. He had the honor of being the first puppy to go onto the plane. He sat at the bottom of the stairs then walked up the stairs like he had been doing it for years.

After the meeting half of the group decided to go out to lunch at Cracker Barrel. We had 15 people and 8 puppies go out to lunch. All the puppies were on their best behavior and Cracker Barrel invited us back anytime. Sherman enjoyed sitting next to Sandie during lunch. He had his feet on her head almost the entire time.

Sherman had a great time at the meeting and lunch. He came home and crashed the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Like the pictures!
    Hope Frankie is doing well.
    I never knew you had a blog!?!

    Frankie's trainer


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