Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Great Weekend

Sherman had a great weekend. We started out by playing in the yard a good part of the day on Saturday with Sherman's Aunt Ashley. Then Saturday night we went out to a new burger joint, where we sat out on the patio. There was a live band with a ton of people. Sherman did great with all of the burger smells. After we got done eating, we walked over to a fountain where there was a crowed and a band. Sherman was extremely interested in the fountain. I think he was thinking "let's go swimming". By the fountain there were two little boys playing ball and Sherman was so interested in them. But he behaved himself and just looked at them. Then something else caught his attention, two girls walked by and they had huge balloon hats on. Sherman got this funny look on his face, like what in the world is that. I was so proud of how he behaved himself. On Sunday, we went to church and Sherman got loved on as always. His fan club just keeps on getting bigger every week. He really likes it when Lucky, who is another SEGDI puppy in training, comes to church at the same service. They like to look at each other underneath the chairs. Sherman may have attracted another puppy raiser. I think it would be crazy, but fun if three puppies came to church during the same service. Sherman got to sit through two services since I work with the kids during the first service. I think that he enjoys his extra long naps. After church, he came home and passed out. I think sleeping in coat makes you even sleepier. After his nap, he got to play in the yard some more. Yesterday, he took his normal morning nap, then played before going to the library to be a reader dog. There were 10 kids who read to him and he just leaned up next to them and went to sleep. He has gotten to be quite the good reader dog. After the library we came home and the boys went swimming and played in the yard. Then both Sherman and Ely got a spa. They loved getting their teeth brushed, and the bath part, but Sherman didn't like his ears cleaned that much. They both smell a lot better now, though Sherman thought that he smelled pretty good before his bath.

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