Sunday, September 28, 2008


On Wednesday, we went on a little hike to scope out where we are having a meeting in a few weeks. Once we got to Anna Springs, both Ely and Sherman went crazy with excitement. The first stop on the trail was Billy Graham’s grandfather’s house. They got to sit on the porch and sniff it out. We then went down a trail that had not been taken in a while and was starting to get overgrown. Sherman navigated it and found the trail when I could not even find it. Hopefully this will help him when he becomes a guide dog. The trail came out at a creek with a swinging bridge. I took Sherman across and he loved it. He was just bouncing along with the bridge as happy as could be, while Ely was more on the cautious side. On the other side of the bridge, we picked one of the three trails to walk on. We came out at the nature center and walked down to the lake where we met a lady with two dachshunds who were seizure alert dogs. All of the dogs totally ignored each other. We continued down the trail till we got to the lake. Both Ely and Sherman wanted to go swimming in the lake. On the way back we could tell that the boys were getting tired. Once we got back to the creek and the bridge, we decided to let the boys go into the creek. Sherman loved playing in the water and Ely enjoyed walking on the rocks. Once they were done playing in the creek we headed back up the trail past the goats but they didn’t want anything to do with us. We then passed the horses. We called them and they didn’t come so we stated to keep walking when they decided to come check us out. They were huge horses and Sherman didn’t know what to do about them. He barked and didn’t want to go near them. After some work, Sherman warmed up to them and wanted to eat grass with them. He got very close to them and didn’t care. We were getting ready to move on when Sherman decided to go nose to nose with the horse and gave him a kiss. After the horses we kept walking when a tractor came by, Sherman could have cared less about it. The boys came home and took a long nap. They both had a lot of fun and would be content to go on long hikes every day.

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