Friday, September 19, 2008

Meet Sherman

Meet Sherman, a 13 month old black goldador (lab golden mix). I am his puppy raiser Rebecca. I have had Sherman since he was 10 weeks old. He is a puppy in training for Southeastern Guide dogs. I have trained and socialized him for the past 11 months. He is the 4th puppy that I have raised for Southeastern so he has some big shoes to follow. Sherman is a very sweet puppy who loves to be touched. He loves to play and give kisses as well. He adores going new places in coat and is always on his best behavior. I have been asked to train other people’s dogs, as well as their kids. Sherman tops out (right now) at 80lbs and has finally grown into his long legs and tail. He has the most expressive ears and will put them at full attention or lay them back depending on his mood. His eyes are the cutest puppy eyes. They are light camel and he can get pretty much whatever he wants with them. Sherman loves to play with other puppies when he is not working. He has lots of doggy friends in the neighborhood who stop by and play. There are a ton of puppy friends in the puppy group as well that he loves to play with. He does try his hardest to get Ely, his older brother to play, but Ely is “too old” for him at the ripe age of two. They do have their moments when they will tear around the backyard and run through the doggie pools. I know that Sherman will be a great guide dog in the future and change someone’s life forever.

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