Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer Vacation

At the beginning of summer, Sherman went on vacation to the beach with us. It was a long 7 hour drive north with two very big dogs. We stopped in Virginia Beach for a night to see family and Sherman got to meet his cousins. Hannah, the Australian shepherd, only likes my black puppies and so Sherman was okay with her from a distance. He also got to meet, through the door, his other cousins, Sophie a pit bull and Abby a Dalmatian. One of his favorite people was my Uncle who always has treats in his car for the puppies. The next day we got in the car again and headed back south a few hours till we made it to Nags Head, NC. We got to the house and he went crazy, it smelled like other dogs and sea air. He loved going up and down the stairs and looking over into the living room from the loft area. One of his favorite places was the big deck were he could watch traffic go by, birds in the lake below us, and in the distance, the ocean. Ely enjoyed being back at the beach. That night we walked over to the beach. As we walked up the stairs to get to the beach, Sherman got so excited. Once we got to the top he saw the water and took off running, dragging me behind him. He jumped right into the ocean. He loved it and didn’t mind the waves at all. He also loved playing in the sand with Ely, since Ely does not like the ocean. They both came back and crashed for the rest of the night. Sherman did not even mind when got the salt water rinsed off of him. Both Ely and Sherman enjoyed their week at the beach. The only thing that I was not too thrilled about was what occurred every night when I took the boys out to go busy one last time. I would get back inside and not a minute later there was this screaming outside. It turned out to be a fox and it was always sitting in the driveway when you looked back outside. I think it was waiting for us every night when we went out. Its baby/cat like cry was disturbing! Sherman and Ely enjoyed their long walks on the beach and on the golf course. Sherman did think that it was not very fair that Ely got to run loose on the beach and he had to be stuck on the leash, but he soon got over it and enjoyed his beach time. The thing the boys enjoyed most was going to Jockey’s Ridge which is the tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. Sherman thought that it was a big sand box to play in. Ely remembered it from last year and went just as crazy as soon as his feet hit the sand. We wondered around the dunes and Ely and Sherman both decided to try and dig to the bottom of one of the tallest dunes. Ely decided that he wanted run down one of the taller dunes and so Sherman pulled to join him. So I ran down the dune with Sherman. Sherman was very interacted in the stuffed fox. They both had a blast on the dunes playing in the sand. In the visitors center they had stuffed dead animals behind wire cases. One night Sherman put himself to bed in his crate upstairs. I went to check on him and I turned to go upstairs and found him asleep on the stairs where he had fallen asleep on his way downstairs. He was one tired puppy by the time we got done with the day. Another thing that Sherman enjoyed was going shopping. He was always so good and everyone had to talk about how such a sweet good boy he was. Unfortunately, the day we shopped the longest, it rained, so we had a smelly ride home! Sherman also enjoyed going to the aquarium, though he thought that there were some boring things. He enjoyed looking at the turtles, the otters, and the huge sharks. The sharks came and checked Sherman out to see what he was. Sherman didn’t like it very much when my mom, sister, and I left him with my dad while we did a behind the scenes tour. He did enjoy his nap with my dad. We had to make our annual stop at the marina to get a picture of Sherman with a box that said “Lucky Dog”, which is exactly what he is. Although Ely who is a lab, didn’t like swimming much in the sound, Sherman loved every minute of it. The water was way down, so Sherman didn’t get to try to swim but he had a ton of fun playing in the water. We got Ely to go out in the water by having my dad throw treats out as he walked down the dock. Ely was not too thrilled with the water. He did help Sherman get out by coming back down into the water and guided him out. Ely would have been a great guide dog. Sherman loved being able to play in the water. Sherman got to experience many new experiences while at the beach and would be happy to be a beach bum for the rest of his life. Both Sherman and Ely were on their best behavior the entire week and had the time of their life.
Sherman the Lucky dog.
Sherman and his new friend.
Wet puppies.
The boys on the dunes.
Ely on the dunes.
Sherman in the ocean.
Ely coming out of the ocean.
Sherman asleep on the stairs.
Sherman and the sunset.

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