Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 went by way too fast! Here is a short recap of the past year.

January- Rocky started his 3rd semester with me at college. He got to check out an ice skating rink complete with him chilling on the ice. This month also marked a mile stone for Rocky; he was the first of his litter to start wearing the harness. It didn’t bother him one bit! Rocky got to experience his first snow. He also hit double digits on the 27th as he turned 10 months old.

February- Rocky got to have some more fun in the snow. He continued to sleep through all his college classes. We also made the long trek to Florida to attend Southeastern’s 24th annual walk-a-thon. We both loved traveling to and from with some awesome fellow puppy raisers. Rocky went to the emergency vet on the way home from Florida to get a shot to stop an allergic reaction to an unknown cause. (He recovered without further incident.)

March- We started March off by attending a huge home and garden show where the Rock Star was certainly a star! Rocky helped celebrate my 20th birthday. The Rock and I attended his first two deaf events for our sign language class. Ely and Rocky hosted a play date for a total of 9 labs, which included 2 of Rocky’s siblings. Found out that Rocky and his litter would be heading off to advanced training in April. Rocky celebrated his first birthday on the 27th. Spike, Rocky’s brother came to stay for the last week of March.

April- Rocky attended his last week of college and said goodbye to his all of his many friends. I told Rocky goodbye and good luck as we dropped him off early in the morning on Friday the 9th. He rode down with a friend (and former raiser) who was going down to the school for a board meeting. He behaved like an angel and started a new chapter in his life at the school on Saturday the 10th where his favorite buddy and brother Spike was all ready waiting for him. My parents took Ely and I to the beach after we dropped Rocky off to get our minds off of it. Ely loved getting all of the attention! Got my first update from one of my spies about Rocky.

May- Rocky passed his medical exam and started training with his trainer. Got his first report card. Found out that Tina (Joe’s mom) had 9 adorable puppies! Learned that Sherman was returned to Southeastern due to his partner regaining most of his sight, but was unable to keep Sherman as a pet. Got another update from one of my sources about Rocky.

June- Found out that I would be getting one of Tina’s puppies! Had to pick between a black, yellow, or black and tan. Chose Joe as I had wanted to raise a black and tan since I first met one 5 years ago. Got report cards on Sherman and Rocky. Found out that Rocky didn’t make it past the final selection to make it as a breeder. Cassidy, Rocky’s sister became a new breeder for Southeastern. Started puppy sitting for Dakota (a 15 week old black goldador)

July- Got updates and report cards on Sherman and Rocky. Kept Dakota for a additional 3 weeks before handing him over to his new raiser. Found out the name of my 6th puppy and that he was already going to be spoiled by the time I picked him up due to the wonderful puppy huggers! Colt turned 5 years old on the 14th. Ely turned 4 years old on the 20th. Lead a puppy meeting. Picked up the bundle of joy name Joe on the 24th and fell instantly in love with the little guy. Joe started meeting the fan club that had been waiting impatiently for him to arrive.

August- Sherman turned 3 years old on the 6th. Found out that he was matched with his new partner on the 9th. Talked to Sherman’s new handler on the 14th and knew that Southeastern had done it again with picking out the best person for my big guy! Joe continued to grow and turned 3 months on the 17th. Got Rocky’s report card. Went to the mountains with my family, Ely and Joe. Joe became completely housebroken this month as well. Joe went to his first baseball game. We also started weekly obedience classes this month as well.

September- Got Rocky’s report card. Joe got to go swimming for the first time; he wasn’t impressed. Joe finished up his shots this month and started going to college classes with me. Found out that Rocky was matched in class, next day learned that it had not worked out and he was put back in for training. Joe continued to grow like a weed. Took a light rail trip downtown for one of our meetings. Joe met a little boy who was blind who was also named Joe and they both fell in love with each other. Joe graduated from obedience class.

October- Joe went and slept through his first symphony. He also got to experience his first time downtown on a very busy Friday night. Joe and I participated in walk a mile at school, which is an event where you are assigned a disability to experience the world around you with that disability. Joe turned 5 months. Joe and his sister got to spend several days together. Joe hit the 50 lbs mark.

November- Joe continued to go to class. He also got to be host to a little dog name Zack who stayed with us a few days. We participated in a vision walk. Went out of town for Thanksgiving - Joe got all kinds of country exposures. Joe went black Friday Christmas shopping to some of his favorite stores. I just found out the other day (due to a little miscommunication) that Rocky was placed in a finishing home for a few weeks to let a little booboo heal properly towards the end of this November.

December- Joe went to his last classes and said goodbye to all of his friends at college. (Hopefully he will still be here when I walk for graduation in May.) Alexander turned 7 years old on the 9th (I am starting to feel old!). We went to a nursing home this month and Joe gave lots of loving to everyone. We spent a lot of days out and about this month. Joe went to his first art gallery this month. Joe went to his first Christmas party. Joe slept under the Christmas tree through a party that was at our house. Not only was it Joe’s first Christmas, he got lots of white stuff (also known as snow) outside to play in on Christmas. Talked to Sherman’s owner and learned that he was being a fabulous guide dog!

So those were the major things that took place in my world of puppies in 2010. Hopefully 2011 will be just as great as 2010 was!

And just because he is so cute, here is a picture of Joe shaking after he played in his little baby pool while outside

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