Sunday, April 17, 2011

11 months

Joe tuned 11 months today! The time is flying by with my special little guy. In honor of Joe turning 11 months…

11 things that I love about Joe
1) He is always so happy and cheerful no matter where he is. 
2) Joe is super smart and learns extremely quickly
3) He adores kids, toddlers, and babies and loves all the noises that they make.
4) Everywhere he goes he is always on his very best behavior and loves going new places
5) Joe is awesome about walking over food without even giving it a second glance

6) He loves to be next to either Ely or me. Joe has actually gotten Ely to be a more snuggly doggy!
7) Joe’s tan is starting to peak through his black coat which is making him even more handsome of a pup!
8) Joe is wonderful about remembering where we have been and knows even before I tell him which way we are going, even in a store he has never been in before!

9) One of Joe’s favorite things is going for a ride. As soon as we get in he lays down on his bed in the back and either goes to sleep or chews on his bone. Every once and a while he will nudge me with his nose, but then will go back to laying on his bed.
10) He never slows me down when we do errands. He is wonderful about keeping up with me and is always so patient when I stop and look. He makes an awesome little shopping buddy! 
Joe and one of his friends Beamer. Joe is on the left and Beamer is on the right. Hard to believe that Joe is older than Beamer!
11) Joe loves to carry around his blankie when he gets excited. He is my little Linus :) 

Happy, Happy 11 month birthday Joe!!!


  1. Aww... Almost a year old!

  2. HRH Berkeley is very food distracted. I think we need to concentrate on working on that. Among other things. sigh. Good work with Joe!

  3. Happy 11 Months Joe! What a great list! You're a great pup!

  4. Joe has such an expressive, handsome face. We are all blessed by getting to know him.

  5. Joe! You handsome dog you!

    You look so gentle and sweet! Come down here and play with Dave... Sadie isn't much of a playmate.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    Sounds like Joe will be a perfect guide dog!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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