Monday, April 11, 2011

The worst part....

According to Joe the worst part about not being a breeder eval is that you have to miss breakfast before you go to the vet to get fixed! 

He actually did pretty well with not getting breakfast this morning. He could not have anything to eat after 7:00 last night, but could have water. I offered him an ice cube as a bedtime snack. It was not what he wanted, so he preceded to spit it back at me. 

Before we left this morning, my mom told Joe to come give her a kiss bye, he went and gave Ely (who was standing right beside her) a kiss and turned around and left. :) He sure does love his Uncle Ely!
When we got to the vet, he was such a good boy; they were waiting for him with all his paper work ready and his collar with his name on it. He did get a note on his paper work that he was an escape artist! Once I signed some paperwork and I gave them all Joe’s paperwork from Southeastern, he was ready to go. The vet tech put a leash on Joe and I took Joe’s collar and leash off and off he went without looking back. Joe has a lot of friends at the vet, so hopefully he is getting some extra loving while he is there.

I ran some errands after I dropped Joe off; it is absolutely no fun running errands without the little guy!  Our house has been very quiet without Joe. Ely has missed him and has been snuggling with Joe’s toys and blankets today.

I got a call around 1:15 from the vet saying that Joe was out of surgery, awake and doing great.

I can’t wait to pick up my little guy in the morning!

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